March 31, 2023

AAP Staff
MINNEAPOLIS (Dec. 12, 2020) — Lao American writer Prinston Pan recently released his first children’s book, “Kong’s Adventure,” available online through Amazon. The collection is illustrated by the US-based artist Zoe Eades.

“Kong’s Adventure,” by Prinston Pan.

Prinston Pan was born in Kansas and is currently a high school junior in Southern California. His grandfather’s story is one of many stories of refugees fleeing Laos after the Laotian Civil War. He enjoys golfing, swimming, and spending time with his grandparents.

According to the publisher: “The story follows a man named Kong who worked for the Lao government during the 70’s. After the Lao Civil War, anyone affiliated with the government was sent to labor camps. He realized these labor camps were taking a turn for the worst, and therefore planned on fleeing so that he could find a safer place for him and his family. Kong’s Adventure portrays one brave man’s journey of escaping Laos and the obstacles he faced before finally settling in America.”

Proceeds from the sales of the book will go to benefit the nonprofit organization Legacies of War, an advocacy organization that raises awareness of unexploded ordnance in Laos. They raise awareness about the history of the Vietnam War-era bombing of Laos, provide space for healing the wounds of war, and create greater hope for a future of

peace. During the Vietnam War-era, more than two million tons of unexploded ordnance were dropped on Laos. An estimated 30 percent of the ordnance did not explode on impact, leaving at least one third of the land across all 17 provinces contaminated by these weapons.

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