March 26, 2023
The former Asian American Press building in St. Paul, Minnesota, is now under new ownership and being renovated to fit new businesses serving the African immigrant community of the area. (Photo by Robert San)

ST. PAUL, Minn. (March 6, 2020) — The former Asian American Press building in St. Paul, Minnesota, now under new ownership, is under renovation as seen here in this recent photo taken by Robert San, a contributing writer, columnist and photographer to AAP.
The building served as the Asian American Press offices from the mid 1990s until around 2015. The building at various times also shared space with other media outlets including La Prensa de Minnesota newspaper and Hmong Radio.
The old brown, wood exterior had not changed for many years and even after leaving the outline of the newspaper lettering still showed. Now under new ownership the building appears to be renovated as a business plaza serving the neighborhood’s African immigrant community with a new look for an existing accountant and perhaps other entities will be coming in soon.
The change is an example of how University Avenue has evolved to serve immigrant communities over generations.

The Asian American Press building as it appeared in the late 1990s.

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