March 31, 2023

By Diana Cheng
AAP Film & Arts Writer

Inspired by true events in 19th century Vietnam, 14-year-old May is married into a rich landowner’s family. She is the third wife of the patriarch’s son. Her sole purpose is to produce a male descendent for him, as the first two wives have only daughters. A film with minimal dialogues, “The Third Wife” is a visual story. Its sensual aesthetics and dream-like sequences wrap a harsh reality: the plight of women in a patriarchal society. 

Tran Nu Yên Khê as May in “The Third Wife.”

Director Ash Mayfair was born and raised in Vietnam. She’s an Oxford and NYU Tisch School of the Arts graduate. Despite its historic setting in a land far away, this debut feature by Mayfair is timely, adding a quiet and potent voice to the #MeToo awakening.

“The Third Wife” will be opening at Edina Cinema in the Twin Cities on Friday, June 28. 

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