October 3, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS (Aug. 3, 2018) — Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Friday said the use of the Minneapolis Police Department’s patch and badge by the Minneapolis Police Federation in campaign materials was not a political endorsement of any candidate and that statements made in the materials were inaccurate.

The Minneapolis Police Department does not endorse any political candidate, Frey said. All MPD members will abide by City of Minneapolis Separation Ordinance and officers will not take any law enforcement action on an individual based solely on their immigration status. The MPD will continue treating all community members with respect and professionalism and that is non-negotiable, he said.

“Our policy preventing MPD officers from asking about immigration status is not an advisory guideline that can be selectively ignored,” Frey said. “It is a city law that cannot be reversed by Bob Kroll or any political candidate. They don’t speak for the city. So let me make it clear: our separation ordinance will be enforced no matter who occupies the office of Governor or who is leading the police union. Minneapolis stands with our immigrant brothers and sisters who have, throughout our city’s history, made Minneapolis a better place to live.”

A photo released earlier Friday did not include the required disclaimer per MPD policy, he said. The disclaimer should appear on any campaign materials whether pamphlets, flyers or online advertisements stating very clearly that the use is an endorsement of the MPD.

Frey and MPD Chief Medaria Arradondo are ensuring that online materials are updated to include the disclaimer and either digitally blur the MPD Trademark patch and badge or remove those images containing individuals wearing the MPD uniform if they can’t be blurred.

More information on the MPD policy governing political activity and MPD trademark usage is available here.