April 6, 2023

By Diana Cheng
AAP film review
(SIFF Capsule Review)

A film still from “Peoples Republic of Desire.”

Fifty years earlier the Cultural Revolution uprooted China. Now the floodgate of a new cultural revolution is bashed open. Hao Wu’s documentary on the phenomenal home-based live streaming frenzy is eye-opening. While the digital has replaced the little red book, the need for idols is still lodged firmly in tens of millions. The feature not only captures the electrifying platform of live streaming that catapults the pseudo-talented to lucrative stardom, it has also exposed the values of a new social media-fed generation and the problem of materialism and self-worth.


“People’s Republic of Desire” will screen at the 44th Seattle International Film Festival May 19 and 20. Click here for details and tickets.


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