March 28, 2023

LOS ANGELES — The Asian American Solidarity Economies Project presents the 2018 Solidarity Economy Webinar Series from 10 to 11 a.m., PST, or 1 to 2 p.m. EST. on Monday, May 21.. RSVP to

In this third of five webinars the speakers will introduce the steps involved in forming a cooperative including deciding on its legal entity, cooperative finances, and governance and decision making.

Ro McIntyre, Red Emma’s Cafe and Bookstore
Ro has been a worker-owner at Red Emma’s Cafe & Bookstore for 4 years. Through their work at Red Emma’s they co-founded Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy (BRED), a local loan fund for worker-cooperative. BRED provides high touch technical assistance paired with non-extractive financing to help co-ops grow & thrive. Ro is currently the Educational Director at BRED and is happily spreading the good word of cooperatives in Maryland.

Annie Sullivan-Chin, A Bookkeeping Cooperative

Annie has been a worker-owner, bookkeeper, and consultant at A Bookkeeping Cooperative since 2013. She began her work with ABC as an intern with the Democracy At Work Network, helping ABC craft its cooperative bylaws and operations protocols. She is now a certified DAWN Peer Advisor, providing customized technical assistance to worker-owned and democratically-managed organizations throughout the country.


Yvonne Yen Liu, Solidarity Research Center
Yvonne is the co-founder and research director of Solidarity Research Center, a worker self-directed nonprofit that advances solidarity economies. She serves on the board of the US Solidarity Economy Network and was named the 2018 Activist-in-Residence Fellow at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center.

Parag Rajendra Khandhar, Asian American Solidarity Economies Project
Parag is a founding principal of Gilmore Khandhar, LLC, a law firm focused on legal, policy, and advocacy tools to advance economic justice, racial equity, and social transformation. He teaches at George Washington University Law School. Parag co-founded Baltimore Activating Solidarity Economies (BASE) and the Asian American Solidarity Economies Network (AASE).
Asian American Solidarity Economies is a project of Solidarity Research Center in partnership with UCLA Asian American Studies Center and National CAPACD. See the Solidarity Research Center website for more information about this webinar series.

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