April 4, 2023
Washington, D.C. (March 2, 2018) — Congress has failed once again to pass a clean DREAM Act, ignoring an overwhelming majority of Americans who support protecting DREAMers from deportation with a roadmap to citizenship and without increasing border enforcement. Congress’s refusal to act means 800,000 American lives continue to hang in the balance, including over 23,000 Indian and Pakistani DREAMers, as the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program remains uncertain. While the program continues for those who already have DACA status, now is the time to push Congress to make the program’s protections permanent by passing the DREAM Act.
As we approach the March 5th deadline for DACA renewal, here are three things you need to know:
In the six months since President Trump terminated DACA to devastating effect, thousands of DREAMers, including SAALT allies Chirayu Patel and Ruchir, have bravely traveled to D.C. to share their stories with Congressional leadership and call for the passage of a clean DREAM Act. Time and again, we have joined our partners, allies, and supporters in the streets to demand the passage of this common-sense legislation.
Despite overwhelming public support for a clean DREAM Act, Congress, and the White House continue to propose destructive immigration legislation that would separate families, deport hundreds of thousands, and do nothing to offer a permanent solution. To this we say NO.
Let us be clear: white supremacist, mass deportation bills that hold immigrant youth hostage have no place in America, and must be defeated.
Enough is enough. Now is the time for Congress to act and resist a white supremacist agenda, and they need to hear from Americans nationwide with that reminder. Here are three things you can do:
  • Contact your representatives today with a quick call to 1-888-778-6856. Sample script below:
Hi, my name is ____________ and I live in ___________ (city / district). I’m calling to urge Representative/Senator ____________ to support legislation that protects DREAMers without provisions to increase deportations or militarize our borders. Talk is cheap, and we need action now. DREAMers are not bargaining chips. Over 120 DREAMers lose their DACA status every day and thousands more families will be at risk of being torn apart after March 5th unless Congress does its job to protect DREAMers without harming immigrant communities in the process. The best legislative solution is the existing DREAM Act and I urge you to support that bill and pass it now. Thank you for your time.
In solidarity, resistance and partnership,

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