March 23, 2023
March 3, 2018
Many cities and towns are suffering from what seems, to be natural disasters or  man made, consequences are the same. We as family members of the country, that have been denied the suffering so far, must not think we are blessed enough to relax for truly these same devastations might be visited upon us when we least expect it.
It is time for us to prepare, by addressing the suffering of others that are enduring these today. God forbid, but if such disasters visited a population encompassing most of the nation, there is not enough money in the country to facilitate reconstruction at the magnitude needed. Yet, reconstruction must take place.
Does this mean the nation must go deeper in debt? God forbid.  Thus, it is time for us to reconsider, reevaluate the need and usage of money. All humans in the modern world, have the same needs for survival; food, clothing, shelter, education and health care. To meet any and all these needs require work. Work that demands that since each individual require these survival essentials, each individual must play a part in the work.
Many people don’t have jobs, which denies them access. Many have low wage jobs, which restricts their accessibility. Still, some have jobs and careers that give them enough to access what they will never need. This seems to be a problem. For those in need, many have to go in debt, while still others can’t get credit.
When we evaluate money, its usage and shortcomings, some feel that money is used, not only for the so-called equitable exchange of goods and services, but also as an incentive to get people to work. What is a greater incentive than meeting the necessities for survival? Those that don’t have jobs, is it because they don’t want to work? I think not. Those that receive such low wages, incapacitating their access, is this pointing to their lack of ingenuity? I think not. It appears that manipulation of money for some inhuman purpose is the culprit.
Our technological, economical advances have sored, yet our humanity is stagnant. It is time for humanity to step up and meet the challenges of today, that reflect that every need for survival for every human, not only is met but is guaranteed and this with money or without money and debtless. For those that question have this is to be achieved, I propose that the practice of “doing unto each other as they’d have others do unto them” will establish the means.
Truly, we know that the false concept, practiced around the world, that some are more
precious, more important, more deserving than others, play the most major role in the failure for the progression of humanity. Who’s responsibility is it to address these concerns? It is the responsibility of every human being to fix this problem and do it before the storms of natural disasters and weapons of mass destruction visits anymore of us, beginning today.
I call on people of the world to denounce the progression of weapons of mass destructions, which is a sign of hatred of humanity, prepare for any natural disaster and stand up for the spirit of love, the reality of God, that is not dead but lives in the body and minds and souls of each human alive today.
Thank You,
Eddie Marcus
Woodbury, Minnesota

1 thought on “Basic human rights for all

  1. I think you meant “carpetbagger. Although “interloper does have a general definition as someone who is an unwanted trespasser, a “carpetbagger is more toward your description of someone who is an outside opportunist that profits from reconstruction. However I would like to point out that most of the reconstruction going on in my neighborhood is being done by native South Bostonians so neither term applies may apply here. Let”s face it, Southie was sold out by Southie itself. No point in shaking your fist at the buyers.

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