March 31, 2023

Washington, D.C. (Feb. 5, 2018) — President Donald Trump promised to promote access to child care; however, threatening the security of immigrants and their families directly undermines America’s child care system.

new column from the Center for American Progress examines the outsized role that immigrants play in filling the need for early educators in the United States. At least one-fifth of the country’s approximately 2 million early educators are immigrants.

Beyond the potential removal of invaluable immigrant early educators, the column notes that the administration’s attacks on immigrants have created additional stress that directly compromises the quality of care that early educators are able to provide. The constant fear that they or a loved one could be detained or deported has made it incredibly difficult for educators to offer the kind of quality care that American children need. Moreover, when children see that their caregivers are feeling sad or scared, they often internalize those feelings, which can ultimately hinder their healthy development.

“When President Trump attacks immigrants, he is also threatening the early education system that so many families rely on,” said Leila Schochet, research and advocacy manager for Early Childhood Policy at the Center for American Progress and author of the column. “Without access to child care, families face significant barriers to economic security, and employers struggle to retain a productive and skilled workforce. At a time when the need for quality child care in the United States has never been greater, we must support, not threaten, immigrant early educators.”

“The administration’s repeated attacks on immigrants are putting added strain on all sectors of the economy,” said Tom Jawetzvice president of Immigration Policy at the Center for American Progress. “President Trump has overlooked the fact that immigrants play an integral role to various industries and are a key pillar of our economic prosperity. Instead of targeting immigrants with draconian and anti-immigrant policies, Congress must pass the Dream Act immediately so that no more DACA recipients lose their protection.”

The column concludes that undermining an early education system on which many families rely represents yet another broken promise from the Trump administration.

Read the column: Trump’s Attack on Immigrants Is Breaking the Backbone of America’s Child Care System” by Leila Schochet

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