April 4, 2023
MINNEAPOLIS (Fe. 6, 2018) — Theater Mu and Mixed Blood Theatre present “Two Mile Hollow,” from playwright Leah Nanako Winkler, to run Feb. 16 through March 4 at Mixed Blood Theatre, 1501 S 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

The cast of Two Mile Hollow is some of the most amazing talent the Twin Cities has to offer, according to Theatre Mu Artistic Director Randy Reyes. Meghan Kreidler (Charlotte) is both 2017 Ivey Emerging Artist and a 2017 City Pages artist of the year. Kathryn Fumie (Mary) is the lone newcomer, making her debut at both Theatre Mu and Mixed Blood Theatre.

Sun Mee Chomet (Blythe) is a 2017 Ivey Award winner for performance in The Two Kids Who Blow Sh*t Up.

Sherwin Resurreccion (Joshua) is a 2017 Ivey Award winner for performance in The Two Kids Who Blow Sh*t Up.

All three performers additionally, won a 2017 Ivey Award for their ensemble roles in Mixed Blood Theatre’s production of Vietgone.

Eric Sharp (Christopher) is a 2017 City Pages Artist of the Year.

The production team is comprised of Randy Reyes (Director), Raul Ramos (Stage Manager), Joseph Stanley (Set Designer), Karin Olson (Lighting Designer), Joanne Jongsma (Costume Designer), Abbee Warmboe (Props Designer), Anita Kelling (Sound Designer), Keith Hovis (Composer), Trevor Muller-Hegel (Technical Director) and Catherine Cambell (Production Manager).
(Warning: Two Mile Hollow contains adult oriented themes and language)
 Pay As You Are – We’re trying to keep prices low so everybody can come. Pay what fits your budget, as little as $5. $35 is the fair market value.

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