March 31, 2023
Snow Kreilich is a Minneapolis-based firm, founded in 1995.

MINNEAPOLIS (Feb. 27, 2018) — For only the second time in history, a Minnesota architecture firm, Snow Kreilich Architects, has received the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Firm Award.

The award has been given to just 55 out of more than 20,000 architecture firms in the United States.
The AIA National Firm Award is presented annually to a firm that has produced notable architecture for at least a decade. Snow Kreilich is a Minneapolis-based firm, founded in 1995. With a staff of approximately 30 that is more than 50 percent women and minorities, the firm is recognized for design that transforms the experience of end users.
The studio focuses on producing architecture that performs against multiple measures of design success, from sustainability and beauty to creative use of materials. The firm is also actively involved in architecture education and pro bono projects in Minnesota and beyond.
“We share this honor with all our past and present studio members, our consultants and collaborators and most importantly our clients. Their vision and innovative ideas have contributed to the success of Snow Kreilich,” said Matt Kreilich, AIA, principal, Snow Kreilich. “We are proud of all that we have accomplished as a studio, and continue to focus on creating the best design solutions for our clients and the best culture for the professionals who work with us.”
Snow Kreilich’s work has been recognized with numerous national and state design awards. Leaders in the profession noted in letters nominating Snow Kreilich for this honor that their work across the country has been and continues to be critical to advancing the practice of architecture. From border facilities along the northern border, to single family homes, to CHS Field, the innovative and pragmatic design solutions developed at Snow Kreilich continue to advance an inclusive, research-based approach to architecture.
“Snow Kreilich produces design that is intelligent, inventive, engaging and provides a powerful experience fortheir clients,” said Mary-Margaret Zindren, AIA Minnesota executive director. “They are also committed to advancing the profession through mentorship and knowledge sharing. Firm members are deeply engaged in the Minnesota architectural community and in growing the next generation of architects. Their exceptional work, recognized nationally and internationally, reinforces the reality that Minnesota is a hub for great design.”
Snow Kreilich will receive the award at the AIA National Conference on Architecture in June. AIA Minnesota will be celebrating the firm’s accomplishment throughout the year.
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