April 5, 2023

ST. PAUL, Minn. (Feb. 1, 2018) — Gov. Mark Dayton on Thursday proclaimed February to be Black History Month in the State of Minnesota.

While African-American history should be studied throughout the year, Black History Month provides a special opportunity to focus on the unique experiences and contributions of African Americans in our state, and our country, Dayton said. The Governor encouraged Minnesotans to reflect on the state’s past, celebrate the contributions of African Americans in the communities and work together to make the state a place of opportunity for all Minnesotans.

“We must acknowledge and pay tribute to the generations of individuals who struggled with adversity, risked their lives for justice, fought a fight that at times seemed impossible to win, and continue to fight for equality and the American Dream,” Dayton said. “Black History Month encourages all Minnesotans to come together, reflect on our collective past, and reveal its impact on present conditions.”

Read Governor Dayton’s proclamation for Black History Month online here.

Black History Month has its origins in 1915 with Dr. Carter G. Woodson, known as the “Father of Black History.” Originally designated as a week to honor the achievements and involvement of African American people in the development of American Democracy, the commemoration was expanded and renamed in 1976 to the current Black History Month. Learn more here.

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