March 22, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 26, 2018) — Members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus on Friday released the statements to mark the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s signing of Executive Order 13769, which restricted travel to the U.S. from several Muslim-majority countries and prohibited refugees from entering the country.

Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27), CAPAC Chair:
“One year ago, President Trump enacted the first iteration of his discriminatory Muslim travel ban in order to fulfill a campaign promise rooted in hatred and xenophobia. This policy will always be remembered for its blatant bigotry and the chaos it caused in our nation’s airports on the day it was hastily unveiled. But it will also be remembered as a day when thousands of Americans across the country came together to denounce hate.

“Although the courts have since blocked the most egregious iterations of Trump’s Muslim ban, the latest version is still being litigated and remains in effect. Whether through the courts or through legislation, we must continue to fight this discriminatory ban and prevent prejudice from being enshrined in our nation’s policies.”

Senator Tammy Duckworth (IL):
“One year after Donald Trump unleashed chaos at airports across the country with his first discriminatory and unconstitutional Muslim travel ban, the Trump Administration continues to try to cover up its gross mismanagement and incompetent implementation.

“The strength and integrity of our democracy depends on holding government officials accountable for their actions. If the Trump Administration truly believes the first Muslim travel ban was lawful, they would not have tried to prevent the American people from knowing how they violated multiple court orders and failed to provide even the most basic guidance or warning to the government agency charged with carrying out the executive order – and they would release the entire, un-redacted investigative report.”

Senator Mazie K. Hirono (HI):
“Every time our country has targeted a minority group for discriminatory treatment, we have been proven to be very, very wrong. The President’s Muslim ban is no different. One year after the ban was issued, we continue to fight the ban, in its various forms, both in the public square and in our courts.”

Congressman Ted Lieu (CA-28), CAPAC Whip:
“Exactly one year ago today, President Trump issued his bigoted, xenophobic and nonsensical Muslim-ban that discriminated against individuals from Muslim-majority countries. While I am deeply concerned that the Trump Administration has been adamant about pushing through some form of this ban, I am reassured by how passionately legal and civil rights groups have continued to fight to see this ban struck down in the courts. As one of the first actions Trump took as President, the Muslim ban demonstrated the President planned to govern without foresight or compassion. Not much has changed.”

Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA-34):
“A year ago today, barely a week after his inauguration, Trump rolled out an ill-advised, unconstitutional, un-American Muslim travel ban that set the tone of his Presidency to the present day. By embracing policies steeped in xenophobia, cowardice, and incompetence, Trump has disgraced the Office of the President. The United States has been and must continue to be a place that welcomes people regardless of religions or nationalities. I hope the Supreme Court will permanently strike down this discriminatory ban once and for all.”

Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17):
“The Silicon Valley has succeeded in large part thanks to immigrants from all religions, races, and regions. America is stronger and safer when we embrace diversity.”

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13):
“Today marks the anniversary of one of the darkest moments of the Trump presidency – the announcement of the xenophobic Muslim Ban. This order tore families apart, sent airports into chaos, and undermined our nation’s standing on the world stage. However, in that dark moment, the American people showed the integrity at the heart of our country. Communities turned out en masse to protest and lawyers worked free of charge through the night to help the families affected. One year later, thanks to the advocacy of the American people, the Muslim Ban has been repeatedly thrown out in court. The courts and the people have sent a clear message to the Trump Administration: not only is bigotry un-American, it’s also unconstitutional.”

Congresswoman Grace Meng (NY-06):
“One year ago, President Trump introduced his discriminatory Muslim travel ban, and I immediately introduced a bill to defund it. Since then, the many iterations of the un-American Muslim ban have rightly faced continuous legal challenge. The Muslim ban has never really been about national security—it is about prejudice. We will always be a nation of immigrants, and I will not stop fighting the Trump Administration’s thinly veiled attempts to discriminate.”

Congressman Mark Takano (CA-41):
“One year ago, the Trump administration mixed cruelty with incompetence in issuing an executive order aimed at preventing the Muslim community from traveling to the United States. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of a persistent effort to separate Americans by skin color, by ethnicity, and by religion. As a descendent of parents and grandparents who were imprisoned during World War II, I believe that all of us have a duty to speak out in the face of bigotry and discrimination. Today is a reminder that every person and every community in this country is deserving of dignity, respect, and equal protection under the law.”

Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-05):
“Trump’s unconstitutional, xenophobic and hateful Muslim ban was and remains hostile to all that we cherish about our country. I continue to draw inspiration from the thousands of people who flooded airports with messages of love and humanity to resist Trump’s order, and I urge us all to remain committed to that inclusive vision so we can defeat his hateful proposal once and for all.”

Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-40):
“One year after President Trump introduced his first Muslim ban, we are still battling hateful efforts to keep people out of this country based on their religion and their nation of origin.  A bigoted travel ban does not keep us safer – in fact, it undermines our national security.  It contradicts our national creed of diversity and pluralism.  It incites fear in communities nationwide.  I will keep fighting for sensible, fact-based travel and immigration policies that keep America safe while upholding American values.”

Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09):
“It has been a year since President Trump issued an executive order to restrict travel to the U.S. from certain majority-Muslim countries. This executive order is rooted in xenophobia and baseless fear. Restricting travel because of a person’s religion is not only discriminatory, but perpetuates prejudice toward Muslims. It has and will continue to have a negative impact on individuals seeking refuge from oppressive, corrupt governments and dangerous conflict zones. This order overwhelmingly harms vulnerable populations such as women and children and does not reflect the values of America. Our country thrives on ethnic, cultural and racial diversity. On the anniversary of this executive order, we must renew our commitment to creating a welcoming environment for refugees. This order continues to have a damaging impact on many people in this country and around the world, and we must continue to call for the immediate repeal of this xenophobic policy.”

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12):
“The Muslim Ban was one of Donald Trump’s first actions as President and it sent a message around the world to just how dangerous this President would be for democratic values. A year later the onslaught of injustices from this Administration have only continued, but not without resistance by millions of Americans and legal challenges across our judicial system. Moving forward our nation must implement comprehensive and commonsense immigration reforms that build upon the diversity that makes America great — not the xenophobic and racist fearmongering espoused by Donald Trump.”

The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) is comprised of Members of Congress of Asian and Pacific Islander descent and members who have a strong dedication to promoting the well-being of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Currently Chaired by Congresswoman Judy Chu, CAPAC has been addressing the needs of the AAPI community in all areas of American life since it was founded in 1994.

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