April 4, 2023
LOS ANGELES (Nov. 2, 2017) — Asian Americans Advancing Justice reports that at this time Vietnamese community members with final removal orders are vulnerable to potential arrest, detention, and deportation.
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the  federal government law enforcement agency under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security, has used more aggressive tactics such as threatening community members with self-deportation and forcing folks to sign Vietnamese citizenship applications. Over last several weeks, ICE has re-arrested individuals with final removal orders that they were unable to deport in the past.
We have learned that on on Sept. 21, 2017, the United States submitted 95 cases to the Government of Vietnam for processing. At the end of October 2017 into November 2017, a Vietnamese delegation will arrive in the United States to conduct interviews in Georgia. We know these cases include both pre-1995 and post-1995 cases.
Please be aware:
  • If you have a final removal order, do not leave the country. Seek immediate legal help if you have traveled outside of the country in the past (see pro bono legal list below).
  • If you have loved ones who will soon be released from prison or are currently in detention, seek legal support.
  • If you are going for a check in, do not go alone – have family, friends, and local organizations accompany you.
If you have a final order of removal and ICE has notified you of a new check-in date, please contact Asian Law Caucus at (415) 896-170, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles at(888) 349 9695 or in Vietnamese at (888) 267 7395. They can help you assess the risk that you may be detained and assist you in planning for that possibility.
ICE is threatening all of our communities – but they are coming for the Southeast Asian community in ways we have not seen before. It’s time to join together and organize! Gather community members and prepare to tell your story. See SEARAC’s recent community alert on similar round ups happening in the Cambodian community for ideas on concrete things you can do in your own communities. Don’t let our stories go untold!
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