March 28, 2023

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 26, 2017) — Since 1971, the Center Press has published Amerasia Journal, the leading interdisciplinary journal in Asian American Studies. Amerasia Journal has played an indispensable role in establishing Asian American Studies as a viable and relevant field of scholarship, teaching, community service and public discourse.

Amerasia Journal is seeking submissions for its next issues “Hmong Americans: Perspectives and Prospects in Local and Global Contexts.”

The Guest Editors of the Hmong Americans issue include:
Professor Yang Sao Xiong (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Professor Nengher N. Vang (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Professor Chia Youyee Vang (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Publication Date: Issue planned for Summer/Fall 2018 publication

Due Date: Paper submission (5,000-6,000 words excluding endnotes) due November 15, 2017

As an emergent but rapidly expanding field, Hmong American/Diaspora Studies has the potential to stimulate a rethinking of traditional paradigms of Asian American Studies and move the discipline in promising directions. Hmong Americans’ historically asymmetrical relationship with the United States government and their contemporary experiences as a marginalized ethnic group have much in common with the experiences of other Asian Americans. At the same time, Hmong relationships with their “homeland” countries, with the U.S. racial state, and with other racial and ethnic groups in American society and elsewhere are unique and complex. Most publications—both scholarly and popular sources on the Hmong, as well as those on Hmong in Asia and Hmong in the diaspora—are still written primarily from the perspective of non-Hmong persons. Our concern about the state and progress of the field is that Hmong’s voices, perspectives, and lived experiences are often distorted or excluded altogether. Equally problematic are analyses that divorce Hmongs’ social conditions from their historical and political contexts.

In this special issue of Amerasia Journal, we call for empirically based research papers that seek to articulate the current state and future direction of Hmong American/Diaspora Studies. We seek papers that examine Hmong Americans’ multifaceted experiences from an emic (insider/native) perspective, including, but not limited to, their experiences with racialization, racism and racial formation, politics, collective action, citizenship, education, community formation and organization, identity, transnationalism, media/art, and gender/sexuality. We especially welcome papers that situate Hmong American experiences in historical, comparative, or global contexts using interdisciplinary approaches, theoretical perspectives, innovative methods, and original data.

Submission Guidelines and Review Process:
The guest editors, in consultation with Amerasia Journal editors and peer reviewers, decide which submissions will be included in the special issue. The process is as follows:

• Initial review of submitted papers by guest editors and Amerasia Journal editors
• Paper approved by editors will undergo blind peer review
• Revision of accepted peer-reviewed papers and final submission

All correspondences should refer to “Amerasia Journal Hmong Americans Issue” in the subject line. Please send inquiries and manuscripts to Professor Yang Sao Xiong ([email protected]), Professor Nengher N. Vang ([email protected]), Professor Chia Youyee Vang ([email protected]), and Dr. Arnold Pan, Associate Editor ([email protected]).

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