April 8, 2023

Dear Editor:

President Donald Trump’s team is not up-to the mark. The administration’s efforts overseas has resulted in utter failure on the four major contemporary problems, namely Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea. Unless Trump shows will and readiness for unconventional solution these four problems will elude solution. If not his team may soon become laughingstock in foreign-affair circles.

On April, 7 the USA carried out missile attack as a punishment on Syria for alleged Chemical attack by Syrian government on civilians. Pres. Trump said that USA will lead the world especially where human rights issues are concerned. But after that whatever has happened does not inspire any confidence in Trump administration as it does not seem to be moving in right direction regarding four major problems namely Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea as mentioned below.

The USA is under legal obligation under ‘Budapest Memorandum 1994’ to ensure the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Previous US Administration of Obama reneged and have been derelict on this treaty and allowed Russia to annex Crimea in March 2014 without shedding a drop of blood. What is more objectionable is the way Crimea was assimilated in Russia it triggered secessionist tendencies in Donbas region which has cause immense bloodshed and loss of lives and properties in this region. Trump also so far has not shown any inclination to get Crimea restored to Ukraine and to bring normalcy to Donbass region.

As far Syria, we do not leave a murderer by merely breaking his doors and windows instead we produce him before court for getting him punishment for murder. Similarly the international law which has permitted USA (without UNSC approval) to carry out missile attack in Syria against the crime of chemical attack on citizens by Pres. Assad and his government, the same law as a logical conclusion [whether USA gets UNPKF and its Election m/c by roping in Russia and other permanent members of UNSC or in case it does not work then go for US led PKF & its Election m/c] expects USA (without UNSC approval) to arrest Pres. Assad and his government and produce them before International Court for war crime (of using chemical weapons) and simultaneously to fill the vacuum by installing another government in Syria through elections. But Trump Administration is showing no sign of bringing peace and normalcy to Syria and instead after said one-off missile attack of April, 7 has practically forgotten Syria.

As far Afghanistan the MOAB attack of April, 13 on ISIS hide-outs (caves and tunnels) is not going to change anything in Afghanistan. The presence of the military of USA and its NATO and other Allies by taking excuse that they are training Afghan soldiers will fool no one. It does not take 15 years to train soldier especially when they are not fighting the army (with tanks, artillery, air-force etc) of another country.  Trump Administration will do well if USA conduct a thorough and secret inquiry that how much vested interest the military of USA and its NATO and other Allies (and the politicians, drug-mafia and others of these countries) have developed in opium trade of Afghanistan which may be one of the most important reason for the presence of USA and its NATO and other Allies in Afghanistan (where opium production has increased after entry of USA and its NATO and other Allies post 9/11).

As far North Korea (NK) the performance of Trump Administration is worst. Trump has pledged if not out sourced the NK solution to China. Trump (who during Presidential election campaign castigated China for snatching jobs from Americans by huge Chinese exports to USA and even by currency manipulation) has been constrained to find every possible virtue in China due to total dependency of Trump Administration on China for the solution of NK problem. The way Trump has surrendered to China about NK solution is being watched all over the world with amusement.

In view of the above mentioned it is evident that present Trump’s team is not up-to the mark and if Pres. Trump does not do proper course correction then Trump and his team will soon become laughingstock in foreign-affair circles all over the world.

Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India

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