March 22, 2023

PHILADELPHIA — The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is pleased to announce the 2017 Class of SIAM Fellows.

These distinguished members were nominated for their exemplary research as well as outstanding service to the community. Through their contributions, SIAM Fellows help to advance the fields of applied mathematics and computational science. These individuals will be recognized for their achievements during the SIAM Annual Meeting, happening July 10-14, 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA.

SIAM congratulates these 28 esteemed members of the community, listed below in alphabetical order:

Zhaojun Bai, University of California, Davis

Peter Benner, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems

Angelika Bunse-Gerstner, Universität Bremen

Emmanuel Candès, Stanford University

Rama Cont, Imperial College London

Ricardo Cortez, Tulane University

Lieven De Lathauwer, KU Leuven

Bart De Moor, KU Leuven

Andreas Griewank, Yachay Tech University, School of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technology

Helge Holden, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Panayotis Kevrekidis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota

Karl Kunisch, Karl Franzens Universität Graz

Monique Laurent, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica

Mark A. Lewis, University of Alberta

Lois Curfman McInnes, Argonne National Laboratory

Igor Mezić, University of California, Santa Barbara

Michael Kwok-Po Ng, Hong Kong Baptist University

James Renegar, Cornell University

Andrew J. Sommese, University of Notre Dame

Joel H. Spencer, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Gábor Stépán, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Daniel B. Szyld, Temple University

Jean E. Taylor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University and Professor Emerita at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Marc Teboulle, Tel Aviv University

J. André Weideman, Stellenbosch University

Carol S. Woodward, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Kevin Zumbrun, Indiana University
Read further details about individual Fellows’ accomplishments and citations:

Learn more about the SIAM Fellows Program: 

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