March 22, 2023
NEW YORK (March 3, 2017) — Sherry Chen, a former award-winning American hydrologist who was wrongfully charged in 2014 of spying for China, will have a public hearing in her employment discrimination case against the U.S. Department of Commerce on March 14-15 in the U.S. Court House in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Between 2007 and 2014, Ms. Chen’s work as a hydrologist at the National Weather Service was exemplary and helped to protect the American people from disastrous floods. Press coverage of her initial case, including from the The New York Times and CBS’ 60 Minutes highlighted the possibility of racial profiling. Although all charges against Ms. Chen, a naturalized citizen of Chinese descent, were subsequently dropped, she was nevertheless terminated from her job, despite having received highly positive work evaluations over the years.
The Committee of 100 supports Ms. Chen’s appeal of wrongful termination of employment by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and urges interested community members and stakeholders to do likewise. In the time-honored American tradition of standing up and speaking out against injustice and discrimination, Ms. Chen is fighting for her equal rights to be treated fairly and justly. Ms. Chen hopes only to be restored to her job, which she loves. The people of Ohio and America ought not to be deprived of the services and contributions of an intelligent, hardworking, and loyal American.
The Committee of 100 Legal Defense and Education Fund joins many other Americans who have contributed to Ms. Chen’s cause. Those who wish to show their public support can also attend her Merit Systems Protection Board hearing on March 14-15.
The Committee of 100 is a non-partisan leadership organization of prominent Chinese Americans in business, government, academia, entertainment, and the arts. For over 25 years, the Committee has been committed to a dual mission of promoting the full participation and inclusion of Chinese Americans in all fields of American life, and encouraging constructive relations between the peoples of the United States and Greater China.

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