March 23, 2023

Hinkley, Minn. (March 4, 2017) — Members of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) Party have reelected Ken Martin to be the Party’s chairman and Marge Hoffa to be the Party’s Vice Chair. Martin, of Eagan, and Hoffa of Minnetonka were elected to their fourth term at the DFL Business Conference held Saturday, March 4 in Hinckley.

Also elected at the Business Conference were Shivanthi Sathanandan, re-elected as the Outreach Officer, Jacob Grippen re-elected as the Secretary Tyler Moroles as the Treasurer.

“I am honored to serve the best Democratic Party in the United States,” Martin said. “Minnesota has a strong reputation for engaged Democrats who volunteer their time and resources to elect leaders committed to our progressive values. We can be proud that the DFL Party is committed to electing candidates dedicated to creating opportunities for success for all Minnesotans.”

Under Martin and Hoffa’s leadership, the Party rebounded from a crippling debt and now has a solid financial foundation; a DFL governor was elected to a second term for the first time in 28 years; all of Minnesota’s congressional leaders have won reelection; and all state constitutional officers are DFLers. The DFL was proud to be part of the “Raise the Wage Coalition,” which was successful in seeing an increase in the minimum wage and the “Freedom to Marry” campaign which made it legal for people to marry the person they love two years before it was a national law.

“I am honored to continue serving our DFLers alongside my good friend Ken. We’ve had many victories over the last six years, but we’ve had defeats, too,” Hoffa said. “Thankfully DFLes are not afraid of hard work. If anything, taking back DFL majorities in the Minnesota legislature and Democratic control of the U.S. Congress and being a voice for people who do not always have a voice unites us.”

As chairman and vice chair of the Minnesota DFL, Martin and Hoffa have worked under a “Build to Win, Build to Last,” program. The Party needs to be about more than just the next election or the next leader; the Party needs to be about raising the resources, engaging DFLers across the state and bringing together progressive groups with the same vision – to elect candidates who share DFLers values. Through the Build to Win, Build to Last program, Martin and Hoffa have lead a Party that has become more inclusive, provides training opportunities and supports infrastructure at the local level.

“Working closely with DFLers from across the state, we’ve accomplished a great deal, but as long as we have a society where everyone doesn’t have opportunities to success, our work is not done,” Martin said. “I can speak for Marge, Shivanthi, Jacob and Tyler when I say that we appreciate the opportunity to lead this great Party for the next two years and are excited for what’s ahead.”


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