March 28, 2023
Rep. Paul Thissen
Minn. State Rep. Paul Thissen (DFLL-61B)

ST. PAUL, Minn. (Feb. 24, 2017) — Minn. State Rep. Paul Thissen (DFL- 61B) of Minneapolis, said on Friday he intends to offer an amendment to the Outdoor Heritage bill at the Minnesota Legislature.

The amendment requires entities receiving state outdoor heritage money and the DNR to report on how the investments increased or decreased socioeconomic, racial, gender and geographic disparities. This is part of larger effort, including House File 142, to focus legislative attention on how our policy decisions impact disparities in outcomes among Minnesotans.

“The legislature is too often blind to the impact our decisions have on increasing disparities based on geography, wealth, race and gender,” Thissen said. “Only by intentionally asking those questions will we start making real progress toward a fairer state. This amendment is one attempt to start that conversation.”

The amendment will be offered in the Legacy Funding Finance committee.

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