April 6, 2023
unnamedQ&A with Jasmine
We know people are wondering about the changes to everybody’s favorite holiday party, so we sat down with Jasmine for some answers!
Question: What is AVAX: The Holiday Party?
Jasmine: It’s a party! You’ll eat, you’ll drink, you’ll chat with people you know or don’t know. My friends will sing, you’ll decorate sugar cookies, you may even get a hug from me and lots of photos!  Like all my parties, the possibilities are endless!
Question: Why did you change my favorite holiday event!?
Jasmine: I like to think of it as an awesome variation of your favorite holiday event!
Question: Why is it on Monday night?
Jasmine: Because most of my talented friends have Monday nights off. Monday is an actor’s Saturday, and parties are always more fun with actors!
Question: “Karaoke Performances” scares me. Do I have to sing?
Jasmine: Nope! I will sing, Jan will sing, some of your favorite actors will sing. You don’t have to sing (but you can if you want to!)
Question: Will I get enough to eat?
Jasmine: Well, it won’t be a Thanksgiving dinner but you’ll have food throughout the evening.  I’ll personally take you out after, if you’re not satifisfied!
Question: Will there be drinks?
Jasmine: Well, of course! It’s still a Jasmine party!
Question: Do I have to dress up?
Jasmine: Wear whatever you want – we want you to be comfortable.  I’m super excited about how my outfit is coming together! (Keep an eye on Mu’s Instagram and Facebook for updates to Jasmine’s always-spectacular wardrobe!)
Monday, December 12th, 2016
First Floor, A-Mill Artist Lofts, 315 Main St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Special Holiday Ticket Price
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