March 31, 2023
MINNEAPOLIS (Sept. 20, 2016) — The Asian American Studies Program of the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts announced this week that Asian American Studies faculty members Bic Ngo (Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education and Human Development) and Josephine Lee (Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts) have received a five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education to increase services for Asian American students at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.
The $1.75 million grant is aimed at providing assistance to Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-serving institutions to enable such institutions to improve and expand their capacity to serve Asian Americans and Native American Pacific Islanders and low-income individuals.
The implementation of the grant at UMTC will be called the “Asian American College Excellence Project.” Ngo and Lee’s plans for the AACE Project include a resource center (with computer lab and tutoring space), a teaching and learning library, an increased number of Asian American Studies classes, a speaker series, a youth summit, a teaching pathways program, and a tutoring and mentoring program. The first year of the grant will focus on establishing the resource center to house project activities as well as a dedicated space for students to study and build community.
Other U of MN APIA Center activities:
Monday, October 10
Ghosts, Monsters, and Magic Realism in Southeast Asian Cultures

Brown Bag Lunch Speakers Series featuring Award-winning Writer Ka Vang
12pm-1pm : Appleby Hall room 41

Bring your lunch and join us for a conversation each month as we explore fascinating topics guided by a guest artist, scholar, activist, and more! Free and all are welcome!

Ka Vang is a Hmong American writer born on a CIA military base, Long Cheng, Laos at the end of the Vietnam War, and immigrated to America in 1980. A fiction writer, poet, playwright and former journalist, Vang has devoted much of her professional life to capturing Hmong folktales on paper. She is a recipient of the Archibald Bush Artist Fellowship and several other artistic and leadership awards.

Co-Sponsored by Women’s Center, Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence

November 17th’s Brown Bag will feature activist, writer, and educator Eunha Jeong Wood on the Appropriation, Unfair Criticism, and Inherent Racism Towards Asian Food
Friday, September 23
Specters of the Pacific: Transpacific Ecologies in the Era of Global Finance Capitalism
Aimee Bahng, Assistant Professor of English at Dartmouth College
1:30pm-3:00pm : 125 Nolte Center, 315 Pillsbury Dr SE, Minneapolis
American Studies Speaker Series Fall 2016
Sept. 30, Professionalization and Mentoring
October 28, The Scholar as Activist
November 11, Writing Strategies for the Ford Fellowship

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