March 30, 2023
Navy Gangs, a New York-based pop group including Matthew Tillwick, Noah Kohll and Gavin Cordaro of Omaha and Wilson Keithline of Providence, Rhode Island. (Band photo)

NEW YORK (Aug. 30, 2016) — The band Navy Gangs premiered its new single “Mondays” via Matt Wilkinson’s Beats 1 Radio show in late August, and released a new video for the song “Special Glands” via Impose Magazine. Both tracks are off their debut EP set to be released Oct. 14, 2016 via No Roads Records.

Navy Gangs is a pop quintet currently residing in the washed out and overly demanding area of New York City. The band started with lead singer and guitarist Matthew Tillwick, guitarist Noah Kohll and drummer Gavin Cordaro. The trio began orchestrating music together in 2012 at Central High School in the red light district of Omaha where they failed their junior years miserably.

For two months they took jobs working in the desert dome at the Henry Doorly zoo until they saved enough of their dismal wages for one way bus passes to New York City, where they moved in temporarily with Kohll’s grandmother Estelle.

After making some new friends in Washington Square park, the three boys found themselves in a basement scene in little Italy. It was there that they met their bassist, Wilson Keithline from Providence, Rhode Island. Together they became Navy Gangs, a troupe who’s songs grab influence from dark rooms, hopeless romanticism, table wine, and back page humor.

On Oct. 14, Navy Gangs will introduce its self-titled EP (mixed and masted by Delicate Steve) in the US via No Roads Records.

The EP was recorded in Noah Kohll’s grandmother Estelle’s home by Joey Kimono straight to 2 inch tape and was mixed and mastered by Steve Marion of Delicate Steve.  It features vocals and percussion from long-time friend Coley Gold, a nomadic vixen who plays shows with the band often but never rings ahead of time (just shows up).

Derived from heartbreak, endless internet streaming, and the pain that is being social, Navy Gangs debut EP is a pop miracle.


10/7 – Berlin NYC – New York, NY *

10/14 – Berlin NYC – New York, NY *

10/20 – Berlin NYC – New York, NY *

10/29 – Berlin NYC – New York, NY *

* Record Release Residency


01. Special Glands — Video
02. Instant Play
03. Mondays
04. That Party Sucked

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