March 26, 2023

unnamedMINNEAPOLIS (July 19, 2016) — Intermedia Arts’ 2016-17 Catalyst Series will premiere new and re-mixed work and collaborations, from Eric Avery’s site-specific, participatory theater to a new movement collaboration by Marcus Young and Ananya Chatterjea to Rennie Harris and Michael Sakamoto’s mix of Butoh and Hip Hop. The season ranges from weekend-long presentations at Intermedia’s Lyn-Lake theater to exciting one-day radical experiments in the gallery and outside the building.

The Catalyst Series is a platform for transformative, socially engaged new work by vanguard artists from the Twin Cities and across the country. Through performing, media and visual arts, the Catalyst Series sparks lasting dialogue in provocative and visionary ways and offers a pathway for traditionally underrepresented artists.

“This season is intriguing because of the particular way the artists are approaching the creation of work for their different communities,” says Catalyst Series curator Shá Cage. “They are changemakers who are invested in art-making concepts that are innovative as well as visceral tools to connect people. We look forward to seeing how they will turn Intermedia ‘inside out.'”
The 2016-17 Catalyst Series
Brown Cinema Cafe’s Sankofa Film Festival, featuring films from the African Diaspora; September 2016
Eric Avery’s The Life and Death of Eric F. Avery, site-specific, participatory theater that engages audiences in play related to space and connectivity, fact and fiction; September 2016
A jazz collaboration with NuSkein (J. Otis Powell, Davu Seru and Kate Pehrson); September 2016
Rosy Simas’s Skin(s), an investigation into what we hold, reveal, and perceive through our skin; October 2016
Rennie Harris and Michael Sakamoto’s Flash, a mix of Butoh and Hip Hop movement; March 2017
A visual arts exhibition collaboration by Anna Min, Tina Cho, and Adja Gildersleve; February-March 2017
A new movement collaboration by Marcus Young and Ananya Chatterjea; May 2017
Other artists featured in the 2016-17 Catalyst Series include Brianne Hill, Magnolia Yang-Sao Yia, Vie Boheme, Ellen Hinchcliffe, Queen Drea and more.

Full details of the series will be released in mid-August when tickets go on sale.

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