April 4, 2023

ST. PAUL, Minn. (April 2, 2016) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith released the following statements Saturday concerning recent actions in the State of North Carolina.

The North Carolina Governor and State Legislature recently enacted legislation that overturned state protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and instituted a number of new restrictions on transgender people – including barring individuals from bathrooms that do not match the gender assigned on their birth certificates.

Also, attached to this email are: 1) a letter from Governor Dayton that is being distributed to all state employees; and 2) a memo from MMB Commissioner Myron Frans.

The following is a statement from Governor Mark Dayton:

“I am proud of Minnesota for the progress we have achieved to protect the rights and dignity of all people in our state. When the rights of some Americans are threatened, it is the responsibility of all Americans to stand in opposition to those discriminatory acts. Therefore, I have instructed employees in all state agencies to refrain from traveling to North Carolina for conferences or other official state business, until the North Carolina Governor and State Legislature repeal the discriminatory law they enacted last week.

“Current proposals to enshrine such measures of discrimination in our state laws are appalling, and they are wrong.  I repeat my pledge to veto any similar legislation, if it reaches my desk.”

The following is a statement from Lt. Governor Tina Smith:

“Minnesota has a strong history of promoting tolerance, celebrating diversity, and welcoming and accepting people regardless of who they are. The recent actions of the Governor and Legislature of North Carolina, to roll back laws protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination, are antithetical to our values. Governor Dayton is doing the right thing by discouraging travel to North Carolina until these discriminatory laws are repealed.”

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