March 31, 2023

256f0e42-5833-45ec-b3e6-3320d3106d5bHonolulu, HI – This morning at the East-West Center in Mānoa, U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2), a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, hosted a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) briefing with national members visiting from all over the country.

The group discussed a variety of issues including Hawaii’s strategic importance as the crossroads of the Pacific and furthering the relationships the United States has with countries in the region. Gabbard responded to questions from the council members regarding issues of war and peace, energy, infrastructure, religious freedom, and more.

Gabbard is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a nonpartisan membership organization, publisher, and the premiere foreign policy think tank in the country. Independent task forces within the CFR work to reach consensus on how to deal with critical foreign policy challenges.

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