April 4, 2023
Dave Yuen, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota photo)
Dave Yuen, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota photo)

MINNEAPOLIS — Big data and cyber-infrastructure in China and how it impacts the U.S. relationship will the topic of the U.S. China Business Connections (UCBC) May Breakfast Meeting from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at International Market Square, Studio 185, 275 Market St. Minneapolis, MN 55405.

The guest presenter is Dave Yuen, Ph.D. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from California Institute of Technology in 1969, his master’s degree in physical chemistry from U.C. Berkeley, and his doctorate in geophysics and space physics from UCLA in 1978.
Yuen held research and teaching roles at the University of Toronto, Arizona State University, University of Colorado in Boulder, and in 1985 to the University of Minnesota. Here he was a professor of geophysics and scientific computation and a Fellow of the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.
In 2004, Yuen started a seven year guest professor position at University of Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing. In 2012, he was named the chair professor at the China University of Geosciences. Last summer Yuen started IGE in Wuhan as a senior consultant focusing on geothermal research and Big Data.
UCBC provides an educational and networking forum for companies and individuals interested in developing business relationships between the U.S. and China. Online Registration or call Jim @ 612-865-6543.

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