March 31, 2023
A scene from "Pali Road". (Photo by Kristin Jackson)
A scene from “Pali Road”. (Photo by Kristin Jackson)

HONOLULU (March 31, 2016) – Crimson Forest Entertainment (OTCBB: CRIM) is pleased to announce the mystery thriller “Pali Road” will have its theatrical release on April 29, 2016“Pali Road” stars Chinese superstar Michelle Chen, TWILIGHT’s Jackson Rathbone, Sung Kang (“Fast Five”, “Fast & Furious) and Hawaii’s own Henry Ian Cusick (“The 100″, “Lost”).

The film was nominated at the 2015 Hawaii International Film Festival for the prestigious Halekulani Golden Orchid Award, which is bestowed upon the narrative and documentary films that best express artistic and technical excellence and promote cross-cultural understanding.

“We’re thrilled to share PALI ROAD with the entire State of Hawaii,” said Director and Producer Jonathan Lim. “It was challenging, as well as rewarding, to work on this first-ever Chinese-Hawaiian co-production. We worked tirelessly to create the right story and assembled an internationally diverse cast that would resonate not only with the Chinese market, but with audiences on a global scale as well. We’re looking forward to showing the finished product that so many people have worked so hard on to audiences across the U.A. for first time on April 29, 2016.”

unspecified“Pali Road” is a mesmerizing and chilling journey into the mystery of the human psyche and the power of love. Lily (Chen), a young doctor, wakes up from a car accident to discover she is now married to her boyfriend’s affluent rival, Dr. Mitch Kayne (Kang), has a five-year-old-son, and an established life she has no recollection of. Everyone around her, including her parents, deny that her boyfriend, Neil (Rathbone), ever existed, sending her on a desperate search for the truth. Determined to reclaim a life everyone insists is nothing more than an illusion, Lily eventually begins to doubt her own sanity. Struggling to overcome her seemingly hopeless situation, Lily endures a series of unexplainable and haunting incidents while bravely making her way to an ultimate mind-bending truth about the power of true love.

“We’ve compiled a diverse, world-renowned cast—from the extremely talented Chinese Superstar Michelle Chen, to internationally renowned Jackson Rathbone of “Twighlight”, to Sung Kang of the “Fast & Furious” franchise—who together bring international box office earnings into the billions of dollars,” said Daxing Zhang, co-producer, “Pali Road”. “Our truly adept team, both in front of and behind the camera, is helping to fill a gap in the marketplace for English-language Chinese co-productions that audiences around the world are craving. “Pali Road” has all the ingredients of a successful motion picture; a thrilling storyline that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, constantly guessing what is real, an incredible cast who deliver honest and powerful performances, and at the heart of the film, a deep and soulful love story.”

Shot entirely in Hawaii, “Pali Road” is a story about the search for true love between two different worlds. Lily’s search for the truth to her past life will lead her to question everyone around her and her entire existence. “Pali Road” (aka Highway 61) is an idyllic, winding road through some of the most enchanting parts of Oahu and maintains an important if not infamous place in Hawaiian history. Being at the center of many of Oahu’s supernatural activities, it is said the road is haunted and various mysterious figures can be seen wandering the area at all hours. Numerous otherworldly sightings have been confirmed along Pali Road, both by longtime residents of the area as well as tourists who come from all over the world to visit the region.

“Pali Road” received Honorable Mention at the Center for Asian American Media Film Festival and has been nominated for the Grand Jury Award for Best Feature Narrative Film at the upcoming 32nd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Tickets are now on sale and more information about the film can be viewed at our official website.

“Pali Road” is produced by Daxing Zhang, Kenneth Burke, and Jonathan Lim. Executive Producers are Anthony Lim of Cuixing Media, Jon Chiew of Huace Media Group Grace Zhang and Geng Ling of Dadi Digital Cinema & China Film Assist, and Ricardo S. Galindez and Roy J. Tjioe of Island Film Group, based in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is the first project in a slate of three films that Crimson is co-producing with Dadi Digital Film, China Film Assist, and Cuixing Media Group who will distribute the film in China.

Current List of Selected theaters:

Honolulu Hawaii:

Consolidated Kahala Theater

Dole Cannery (Regal)

Pearl Highlands (Regal)

Maui Mall (Regal)

Keauhou (Regal)

Prince Kuhio (Regal)

Windward Mall (Regal)

Los Angeles – AMC Fullerton 20, AMC Atlantic Times Square

New York – AMC Empire 25

Dallas – AMC Grapevine Mills 30

Houston – AMC Studio 30

Indianapolis – AMC Bloomington 11

Miami-Fort Lauderdale – AMC Aventura Mall 24

Philadelphia – AMC Cherry Hill 24

Pittsburgh – AMC Waterfront 22

Raleigh-Durham – AMC Southpoint 17

San Diego – AMC La Jolla Village 12

San Francisco/Oakland – AMC Cupertino Square 16, AMC Metreon 16

San Jose – AMC Eastridge 15

Seattle – AMC Pacific Place 11

Washington D.C. – AMC Rio Cinemas 18

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