March 31, 2023

KS1_Front_Cover_400KBAndy Johnston is a big, strong, happy, intelligent man who focuses only on the positive in life. He has a calm, easy-going presence; being around him is always a pleasure. A lifetime surfer, Andy moved to Kauai in 1978 to enjoy the island’s beauty and its waves.

He had his first encounter with Night Marchers, ghosts of Hawaiian warriors that some people are able to see between sunset and sunrise, at 2 a.m. one morning.

“I’m lying in bed asleep in my little bedroom when I hear a tremendous commotion and movement in the room. The room is lit up as if someone has turned on a light, and I see a procession of one or two dozen big, Polynesian-looking, dark-skinned, scantily clad figures marching right through my room. They’re coming from outside, right through the wall of my room, going right past my bed and out the other wall, back to the outside, toward the ocean. They are moving very fast and very purposefully: in through the wall, into the room and out the other wall. This isn’t a casual stroll. They are driven.

They are barefoot but their feet aren’t touching the floor; they’re walking about one foot above the ground. They are carrying things in their hands but I don’t remember specifically what.

I am absolutely terrified. I feel this tremendous sense of anger and chaos but not necessarily directed at me; I just happen to be in their path. They are brushing right by me like I am in the way.”

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