October 3, 2023

Washington, D.C. (March 2, 2016) — U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) on Wednesday spoke on the House floor to recognize Women’s History Month and honor Patsy Mink as a life-long advocate for civil rights and equal opportunity.

“After graduating from Maui High in 1944 as class president and valedictorian, and attending college with dreams of becoming a doctor, Patsy Mink had over a dozen medical schools slam the door shut simply because she was a woman.Rather than quit, she took action. She attended law school, becoming the first Japanese-American female attorney in Hawaiʻi, and was elected as the first Asian-American woman ever to Congress in 1965.

Through her 12 terms in the House of Representatives, serving Hawaiʻi’s Second District, which I’m honored to represent today, she was a true champion for equal rights and opportunity. In 1972, her landmark bill, Title IX, was signed in to law, legislation that has since allowed young women all across the country the very same opportunities to jump high, run fast, hit hard, and go the extra mile, same as their male counterparts.

As we kick off Women’s History Month, let us recognize and celebrate Patsy Mink, and the the countless other women throughout our nation’s history who blazed trails before us and broke down barriers for a better future for our next generation.”