April 4, 2023

booksRosemount, Minn. (Jan. 19, 2016) — Authors Narate Keys and Peuo Tuy present “The Art of Healing”, a series of art events exploring healing through poetry, spoken word, writing, and self-empowerment.

Keys, author of poetry book The Changes…Immigration Footprints of our Journey” and Tuy, author of Khmer Girl” will use The Art of Healing to bridge and bring forth conversations of intergenerational trauma from war and genocide, portray the Cambodian immigration experience and Khmer life in the U.S., overcome adversity dealing with negativity, heal and find our unique identities in our ever-evolving world, and share our success stories.

The authors believe that the current generations of Cambodians should voice their identities and experiences as children of immigrants; born from parents who were affected by war and the Khmer Rouge’s genocide. They want to ask everyone: “How do we process intergenerational trauma? How do we negotiate our identities in this ever-changing world we live in? How did we overcome adversity? What are some of our success stories?” Artists will come together to share their stories and explore these intricate experiences. They hope to leave a positive impact within the communities by motivating men, women, and children to view The Art of Healing as a way of healing and to share their success stories.

RSVP to [email protected] to host The Art of Healing event, be featured artists (open to other art genres) or to sign-up for the open-mic list at your location, slots and spaces are limited in each state.

On View: April 2016 – September 2016

Minnesota: Middle of April – Beginning of June

Chicago: Middle of June – End of June

Northern California: Beginning of July – Middle of July

Southern California: Middle of July – End of July

Seattle: End of July – Middle of August, September

Narate Keys is a 1.5 generation Cambodian American born in the Thailand refugee camp. Her family fled the Khmer Rouge’s brutal genocide in the late 1970’s. She is a poet, spoken word artist, and a songwriter from Rosemount, Minnesota. She is the self-published author of a growing collection: The Good Life (poetry and songs), and The Changes… Immigration Footprints of Our Journey (poetry). As a Khmer immigrant, Keys writes to express the true meaning of her voice. It is through poetry that Keys have found love, appreciation, and encouragement. Keys has performed her poems in Washington D.C., Minnesota’s The Loft Literary Center, Seattle, amongst others. Keys is also a mother and currently a student seeking a degree in Doctor’s of Chiropractic.

At the age of one, Peuo Tuy and her family escaped the Khmer Rouge’s genocide in Cambodia. Tuy is a poet, spoken word artist, fiction writer, and an educator from New York City. Raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, she began writing about her childhood experiences as a dark-skinned Asian girl, searching for self-love while experiencing the inequalities of immigrant life. Tuy is the self-published author of Khmer Girl poetry book. Her spoken word has been featured at Sullivan Middle School in MA, Rutgers University New Brunswick in NJ, and Quinnipiac University in CT. For New York’s schools – Freeport High School, Alexander Hamilton Junior High School, The New School University, amongst others. Tuy was one of the original members of Urbintel’s HerStory cast, which toured universities and performance venues on the East Coast, from Boston to North Carolina. Tuy uses poetry to educate audiences about Khmer heritage and self-love. As an educator, she offers writing and self-empowerment workshops focusing on peace, self-love, compassion, and overcoming adversity. Tuy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Africana/Puerto Rican/Latino Studies. Tuy is currently working on writing fiction storybooks for children.


“Narate Keys is a remarkable poetic adventure that entails love, passion, and experience combined into a powerful handheld book. The poems are inspiring and brings you into the text to relive the experiences of Narate’s youth of challenges and remarkable over comings. May her heart continue to soar for her passion in writing.” – Hannah Pick

“Peuo Tuy ‘s work is one of the most realistic, yet poignant views of life growing up Cambodian-American. Her use of language, both blunt and figurative and imagery draws the reader into the daily life and impressions of the world through the eyes of a young, impressionable Asian immigrant. Her resiliency is reflected in her charisma and demeanor when ‘telling’ her poems. I cannot recommend Ms. Peuo Tuy highly enough for audiences of all ages.” – Karen Rothschild, ELA Teacher

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