April 2, 2023
A scene from “Every Day is a Sunny Day”  (AMA photo).
A scene from “Every Day is a Sunny Day” (AMA photo).

MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 25, 2016) — Asian Media Access (AMA) and Iny Asian Dance Theater (IADT) are again joining forces to showcase their second Hmong Dance Drama, “Everyday is a Sunny Day” on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016 at 7 p.m., at the Ordway Performing Arts Center Concert Hall, 345 Washington St, St Paul, MN 55102.

Admission is $25 for adults, $15 for ages 15 and under, and 65+ seniors, and $50 for VIP. Tickets can be purchased at the Ordway Box Office, by phone at (651) 224-4222, or online at http://www.ordway.org/performances.

“Every Day is a Sunny Day” is a joyous procession, a festive parade imagined by a group of Asian American girls. The show brings together the passion of the past, with the grace and power of the present to plunge the audience into a theatrical world of fascinating spontaneity situated between the Tradition and Modern Reality these girls face every day.

The show follows the rhythms of migration, the changing expectation of lives throughout China, Southeast Asian countries and landing in the United States. Juxtaposing the old world to the new world, traditional culture to youthful pop culture, and the extravagant reality meets ridiculous imagination.

A scene from “Every Day is a Sunny Day” (AMA photo).
A scene from “Every Day is a Sunny Day” (AMA photo).

Directed by Asian Media Access’ visionary artist Ange Hwang, and choreographed by acclaimed Hmong Dance Artist, Iny Xiong, this show is a retrospect of the best dances from IADT. It is enhanced by spectacular costumes, and vocal performances by Hmong singer Julia Vang.

All of these beautiful elements interweave “Every Day is a Sunny Day” into a timeless celebration that illustrates the appreciation of cultures that is within each one of us.

Limited free tickets for low-income families. Please contact Hai at [email protected], or call (612) 376-7715 (Chinese, English, and Hmong). For more information, please check the website at www.inyasiandancetheater.org, or call (612) 376-7715, or e-mail [email protected].


Incorporated in August 1992, Asian Media Access, Inc. (AMA) is a comprehensive, multimedia based, community advocacy agency. AMA is dedicated to using multimedia arts and technology as tools for social betterment. AMA recognizes that multimedia and technology are essential for advocacy, communication and education, in order to mobilize communities, and young people; to engage in understanding and communicating of Pan Asian issues; and to arrive at a participatory decision making process for a safe, supportive environment for all.

As multimedia is defined by the Oxford Dictionary – “using more than one medium of expression or communication including film, dance, video, audio, design, drama, acrobatics, and stage effects”. By effectively utilizing these different tools, AMA creates as well as presents programs that educate and enrich the communities. We believe the multimedia arts and information technology empower all of us with critical thinking and promote good citizenship—especially important as we prepare young people to be tomorrow’s leaders. Our thought-provoking multimedia education, productions, exhibitions, stage performances, resourceful educational products and youth programs encourage deep reflection, challenge previous assumptions, provide solace, and allow participants to develop their own way of connection in timeless works of creation, communication and community building.

Iny Asian Dance Theater has successfully served more than 200 students annually. Its mission is to broaden students’ ability and general public’s appreciation of Asian Dances through teaching and performance, and their major projects include: 1) Bringing the Asian Traditional Dances to Life, with a special focus on Asian Indian, Chinese, Hmong, Laotian and Thai dances through weekly dance classes and community engagement performances; 2) Sharing Asian cultures and talents with mainstream audience to build a better community of appreciation of diverse arts with Annual Recital and newly created Dance Drama Performance series. Currently, Iny Asian Dance Theater has 13 different levels and ages groups.

Iny Xiong started to dance at the age of 5, following her folk artist mother’s footstep, and later received training in Chinese classical/folk dances and Thai court dance in China and Thailand. She founded the Iny Asian Dance Theater in 2000, and have since been serving as the Artistic Director and Choreographer. In 2003, she won the 1st International Hmong Dance Competition and was invited for an International Tour from China to Thailand (performing in front of the Royal Court). Upon returning to the US, Iny created some of her best choreographed works: Water Bucket Dance (Won the 1st Place at 2009 Hmong Dance Competition), Searching for Mother (Won the Best of the Best at 2012 International Pan Asian Dance Competition), the Awakening in the War (Won the 2nd Place at the St. Paul RiverCenter Dance Competition).

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