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Corpus Christi, Tex. (December 20, 2010) – The Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center has published the online edition of Volume 11 of the Hmong Studies Journal. An internet-based journal at the Hmong Studies Journal is the only peer-reviewed academic publication devoted to the scholarly discussion of Hmong history, culture, people and other facets of the Hmong experience in the United States, Asia and around the world. There are 13 online issues in 11 volumes of Hmong Studies Journal published with a total of 91 scholarly articles since 1996.

Volume 11 of the journal includes articles from multiple academic disciplines including Anthropology, Art, Education, Gender Studies, Geography, Nursing and Public Health. This set of articles provides significant additions to both Hmong American and Hmong in Asia research.

Volume 11 Content Articles include:

• The Hmong Come to Southern Laos: Local Responses and the Creation of Racialized Boundaries. This article is presented by Ian G. Baird, and explores racialized boundaries to Hmong migration in Southern Laos.

Dr. Baird is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at UW-Madison.

• The experiences of a Hmong American actor who starred in the film “Gran Torino”

• Parental Influences on Hmong University Students’ Success.

This article was produced by Andrew J. Supple, Shuntay Z. McCoy and Yudan Wang.

Shuntay McCoy is a Doctoral student in the Human Development & Family Studies Department at the UNC-Greensboro.

Dr. Supple is an Associate Professor in Human Development & Family Studies at the UNC-Greensboro.

Yudan Wang is a Doctoral student in the Human Development & Family Studies Department at the UNC-Greensboro.

• Access to Adequate Healthcare for Hmong Women: A Patient Navigation Program to Increase Pap-Test Screening. This research was produced by Penny Lo, Dao Moua Fang, May Ying Ly, Susan Stewart, Serge Lee and Moon S. Chen Jr.

The topics include Hmong American health including a study of a program to improve screening for breast cancer among Hmong American women and Hmong American women’s experiences with childbirth in the American medical system.

Dr. Susan Stewart is Associate Adjunct Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine, UC–San Francisco.

Dr. Chen Jr. is a Professor in the Division of Hematology & Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine at UC Davis. Dao Moua Fang, MSW is the Research Director of Hmong Women’s Heritage Association in Sacramento.

Dr. Lee is Research Professor of Social Work, Division of Social Work, California State University, Sacramento.

May Ying Ly, MSW is the former Executive Director of the Hmong Women’s Heritage Association in Sacramento.

Penny Lo, BS is a program coordinator at Hmong Women’s Heritage Association in Sacramento.

• Acculturation Processes of Hmong in Eastern Wisconsin by John Kha Lee, an Educator in the Sheboygan, Wis. Area School District, and Dr. Katherine Green, faculty lead for the Early Childhood Education Master’s Program at Capella University in the School of Education.

• A Hmong Birth and Authoritative Knowledge: A Case study of choice, control, and the reproductive consequences of refugee status in American childbirth by Faith Nibbs, a PhD Candidate at Southern Methodist University.

• Gran Torino’s Hmong Lead Bee Vang on Film, Race, and Masculinity: Conversations with Louisa Schein, Spring 2010. This article is an interview with Bee Vang, who as a high school student was selected as an actor to play the Hmong lead role of Thao in the Warner Bros. 2008 film, “Gran Torino.” Vang is now a college student at Brown University with a passion for social justice.

Dr. Louisa Schein is an Associate Professor who teaches Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies as well as Asian American Studies at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

• A Commentary: Perspectives on Hmong Studies: Speech by Dr. Nicholas Tapp on Receiving the Eagle Award at the Third International Conference on Hmong Studies, Concordia University, Saint Paul, April 10, 2010.

Dr. Tapp is Professor Emeritus at Australian National University and Chair of the Department of Sociology at East China Normal University in Shanghai where he directs a program of studies in Anthropology.

• The Hmong and their Perceptions about Physical Disabilities: An Overview and Review of Selected Literature by Grace Hatmaker, Helda Pinzon-Perez, Xong Khang and Connie Cha, CEO of the Empowerment Institute in Fresno.

Grace Hatmaker, RN, MSN is Faculty at the California State University, Fresno, Department of Nursing. She is also a 4th year PhD nursing student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Dr. Helda Pinzon-Perez is a Professor in the Departments of Public Health and Nursing at CSU-Fresno.

Xong Khang is a 4th year Public Health Student at CSU-Fresno.

• A Photo Essay: Patterns of Change: Transitions in Hmong Textile Language by Geraldine Craig, an Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Art at Kansas State University.

Other articles include:

• Temporal Trends in Hmong embroidery patterns in the United States, Laos and Thailand

• Key issues confronting researchers studying Hmong culture and Hmong populations around the world

Volume 11 and previous volumes of the Hmong Studies Journal may be viewed online at All of the Hmong Studies Journal articles published since 1996 listed by scholar name may be viewed online at


All of the Hmong Studies Journal articles published since 1996 listed by topic may be viewed at

Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD, Editor, Hmong Studies Journal and Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center, Bell Library, Texas A and M University, 6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5702, Corpus Christi, TX 78412-5702. Call 361-825-3392 or email [email protected]

The Hmong Studies Journal Volume 11 Editorial Board includes: Anne Frank, UC-Irvine; Dr. Paul Hillmer, Concordia University, St. Paul; Dr. Grit Gritoleit, University of Passau, Germany; Ly Chong Thong Jalao, UC-Santa Barbara; Eden Kaiser, UMN-Twin Cities; Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen, Saint Joseph’s University; Dr. Mark Pfeifer, Texas A and M University, Corpus Christi, Editor; Kari Smalkoski, UMN-Twin Cities; Dr. Nicholas Tapp, Australian National University; Yang S. Xiong, UCLA.

Hmong Cultural Center ( and the organization’s Hmong Resource Center Library in Saint Paul ( have been partners of the Hmong Studies Journal in producing and disseminating the journal’s print editions that are available at Hmong ABC Bookstore. The Hmong Studies Journal is also on Facebook and Twitter.ο

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