March 31, 2023

Some people may think that what does U.S. Christianity have to do with India. But any body who has any knowledge of the present state of affairs of the USA, especially its global engagement knows that USA (post 9/11 and on-going financial/ economic crises) has gone out in rest of the world non-returnably – and can not again come back to live in its historical exclusionist mindset, cut-off from rest of the world.

By any reckoning the record of the USA in this period of nine years can easily be termed as an utter failure and it is due to simple reason that so far USA has tried to deal with rest of the world through economic and military power only and has not tried to use political power and that too in this age of globalization for the implantation of which, the remaining mankind has cast the responsibility and leadership on USA. This deficiency of USA is mainly due to the reason that USA has not made any effort to develop people to people contact of Americans with the people of other countries.

To be fair, it is not the US government but the Christianity which has failed the Americans in this matter and the main reason for this is that the US Christianity has abandoned its traditional and foremost responsibility of conversion and also of the health and education of the people though all over the world Christianity is known as a religion which cared for the people by taking this responsibility through missionary hospitals and schools.

To what extent these responsibilities have been abandoned by Christianity in USA is evident from the fact that though predominantly Christian America has provided ample assets and funds (land, buildings, cash etc) to thousands of Churches in the USA but the Americans are still facing the following:

• Though rest of other developing countries manage their health expenses in about 8 percent of GDP but despite collecting about 8 percent of GDP ($ 1.11 trillion) from the people, the US government (Fed + State + Local) is not providing free medical assistance to Americans (especially to economically humble predominant majority of Americans). With the result healthcare in USA is a matter of concern because apart from other low income percentile Americans, the 20 percent of Americans are unemployed or underemployed hence they all and their dependents are unable to get proper medical help

• Though government is providing free education up to 12th standard but nowadays in US media and in academic field lot of anxieties are expressed that US educational system is not producing enough citizens to take care of the present day globalized and high-tech economy (the cause of huge out-sourcing also) and US education system is not developing US citizens to be worthy of democracy.

One fundamental thing needs to be understood that State functions better if instead of running the institutions (economical, of welfare like health & education etc), it ensures that these institutions are allowed to run properly. Because welfare institutions need humane attitude which comes naturally to religious people hence people with profit motive or even social organizations (without guidance from or the control of saints) can never be as humane, efficient and effective in comparison to as provided by Churches.

Hence without going in details, this problem of health and education in USA can easily be solved by Christianity if government introduces a system (as explained in my book “Betrayal of Americanism” published on October 5, 2010 by ISOTUT publisher and also available for online free reading and download at link where social institutions (also or rather predominantly run under the guidance of Churches)  take up the activities of running these hospitals and schools out of  money:

• Revenue from government (a)- out of money which government is already collecting ($ 1.11 Trillion) from people for health expenses and (b)- out of money which government is already spending on education.

• Capital (a)- for assets to be provided by individual and social organizations of charity givers and (b)- assets on lease to be provided by government (existent assets and also to be newly created and which will generate huge employment also if spent thus instead of giving meaningless and unethical bailouts and stimulus money to business / industry)

It is obvious that:

• The leadership of USA for globalization is bound to doom if democratic USA can not present the example to rest of the word that how it solve its domestic problems especially of economically humble substantial part of its population.

• Political contact of Americans with rest of the world (which, at second phase of globalization, will require international political parties regulated by amended UN) will have to be started from some country where situation is ripe for it.

India (a country of about 1.2 billion people having an 85 percent Hindu population and a functioning democracy) is such country which provides an opportunity for Christianity to discharge its ultimate responsibility of helping and religious emancipation of humanity, in this case the 65 percent of Hindu population, which is looked down upon socially by Hindu religion and termed as Schedule castes (SC), schedule tribes (ST), backward castes (BC), other backward castes (OBC) etc. also so termed as per the system of reservations in government services and elected offices.

As is natural, the people who are relegated to socially inferior status by any religion can never hope to really come-up and emancipate themselves religiously, hence these about 500 million Hindus are itching for honorable and meaningful life.

Of course BC and OBC are mostly landed and militant castes (most of them in armed forces also) hence their pining is less sever than of ST and especially of SC (most were earlier untouchables and even now faces most oppressive and violent prejudices of Hindu order). Hence Christianity may take up the case of BC and OBC for conversion later than of ST and especially of SC.

This conversion precisely is where the importance of health & education comes. Though every body knows that merely health and education will not solve the problem of SC unless they have religious places (Churches) in villages and in cities where they live where they can go with respect and equality with other co-religionists to pray and worship. But if Christianity will try to convert these SC Hindus directly then there will be unnecessary violence and this should be avoided. Therefore first US Christianity should try to start the institution for health and education all over India which (by availing of these institutions) will empower these people (SC) and will give them a feeling of security by way of physical presence of these Christian missionary schools and hospitals in villages and cities.

But if any body thinks that it will be a trouble free mission then he has to remember only the recent wide spread violence against Christian missionaries in the State of Orissa of India where in the garb of ill-intentioned laws (enacted by Hindu majority India for stopping conversion of oppressed Hindus, in utter disregard to religious rights conferred by UN and even to freedom of religion conferred by Indian constitution) Christian missionaries were bullied to forgo and derelict their most fundamental  religious duty of conversion.

Though conversion can never be free from wild resistance but the chances of unchecked and uncontrolled violence can certainly be avoided if fury of impartial State or any organization functioning under delegated power of State / States (as UN) is perceived to be effectively present in those areas where the chances of such violence are there. This can be achieved by repealing the Optional Protocol – 1 (OP1) of International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which presently allows intervention (including military) of UN in only those countries which blatantly violates human rights and have ratified this optional protocol.

Therefore US Christianity should first constrain US government to mobilize other countries to repeal OP1 of ICCPR at UN before taking up the activities of opening missionary hospitals and schools in India and conversion of these willing Hindus to Christianity, so that these pious activities do not face the same gory reaction and fate as missionaries recently faced in Orissa.

Of-course for this Americans will have to cease to be suicidally selfish. The crass selfishness of Americans is evident from the fact that in 2001 post 9/11, the entire world (including Muslim countries) supported at UN the US lead Afghanistan war against a Muslim country Afghanistan in the name of war against terrorism and US promised to reach out to Muslims. But when in the very next year of 2002 thousands of Muslims were butchered in the State of Gujarat of India then the same Americans were no where to be seen and they never came to the rescue of these helpless and unfortunate Indian Muslims and never mobilized UN to intervene effectively (including militarily) and took the lame excuse of and irresponsible refuge in the same OP1 – ICCPR because India is not a party to this protocol.


Hem Raj Jain

Mankato – MN, USA

Greater Noida, U.P., India

28 thoughts on “US Christianity should convert half Hindus

  1. You are a fool. How can you convert one billion Hindus without inviting bloody vilence upon youself and others. Is the effort worth it ? The BC and OBC people have a respectable place in the Hindu religion unlike SCs. They won’t convert.

  2. christianity has nothing to offer is a primitve religion.hinduism has a very high philosophicai base,which you may not be able to comprehend.
    yes ,it is better to imagin usa become hindu(i am sure of that).india will remain hindu forever,and will convert whole west to hinduism

  3. More than 70 million people in USA practice Yoga daily!
    That is the situation when Hinduism is against conversions, baptism, evangelism.
    Just imagine what will happen if Hinduism starts marketing the Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation in the same way Christian Missionary and Pope is doing.
    Don’t try to be smart with your father. If you can’t live peacefully, karma will show you the fruit.

  4. author seems to be downtrodden indian those 60% hindus.. lower caste and seems he is hurt by upper caste hindus.. the one above the gospel,etc they are not xtians they are upper caste hindus..

  5. Wenever some one talks abt Hindu and Hinduism spreads caste system….. Then I jst wanna tell those foolish….
    The Mahabharat the greatest epic in the world… Who had wriiten Ved Vyas.. He was a fisher man…. But stil we worship him….. Lord Krishna was Milkman…. But still we love him. And nowdays all the caste are getting great respect in our Hindu society. And we dont want to accept a relisgion which will allow us to eat beef and drink liquor at the same time. And will allow our wife to go and sleep and get married with some one else…… Where married is like a contract…. Those christans….dont have the power to manage relatioship… How sud we expect them to be a peaceful religion.

  6. namaste brother**;;
    go try yourself!!
    But make sure the missionary heads wont convert to hindu, when they r trying to convert us!!!
    Paying 2000 rupees per month wont make a perfect sense!!!
    Hare krishna…

  7. Hinduism does not need hard selling.It just offers a way of life.People are free to chose or reject.Faith…..,so long as it does not harm others , is a matter of personal choice,as far as HINDUISM is concerned.You will see that ALL SORTS OF FAITHS(Even atheism-remember saint Charvakan) HAVE PLACE in HINDUISM.There is nothing which is not tolerated by HINDUISM.It is all embracing.

  8. Dear Sir
    Please correct me if wrong, OBC is not Other Backward Caste but its Other Backward Class… Its meant for those communities who have been in their traditional business… OBC has nothing to do with caste.. infact many higher caste hindus, muslims and christians enjoy the benefits of OBC reservation… I am not with this reservation system anyways… Firstly you need to understand in Hinduism in not a religion…

  9. JESUS took the human form and preached the good news “gospel” to a darkened world with hatred-bitterness and revenge. He preached the good news-healed the sick and fed the hungry. He had the most humblest and simplest life on earth. For the Roman culture, compassion and forgiveness were alien words in their dictionary. GOD IS LOVE, AND JESUS IS GOD AND SO HE IS LOVE.
    He will not kick on anybody to follow HIM, but exhort with love to follow HIM. Nobody can force anybody to convert, it is the personal choice of every individual to follow JESUS. I am now 67 years old, began to follow HIM 57 years back, and HE is real and LIVING today in my personal life. To follow JESUS is the greatest joy of life.

  10. I have not such an Idiotic article in recent times. The author suggesting UN intervention in India, even by military intervention. Lets put some light on “Military Intervention”. Is US or UN capable of that?? If they think so, they should check their mental status in a Hospital. Hindus are not a mindless mob. Our tolerances should not be taken as our weakness. We are oldest civilization had experience of fighting for 800 years with Muslim invaders and 200 years of British Christians, and end up being 85 million Hindus. Mind it, we are no less warrior when it comes to intellectual arena.
    American Christian already proved its interference towards Hindus by intervening in the California text Books about Hinduism negatively.
    It will be better for you to take care of your country USA rather than intervening in India. We won’t tolerate it, a bit..
    And the comment is comming from a Dalit Hindu.. Yes Im a Hindu, so called lower cast Hindu. I love my religion, culture, country..

  11. I have not such an Idiotic article in recent times. The author suggesting UN intervention in India, even by military intervention. Lets put some light on “Military Intervention”. Is US or UN capable of that?? If they think so, they should check their mental status in a Hospital. Hindus are not a mindless mob. Our tolerances should not be taken as our weakness. We are oldest civilization had experience of fighting for 800 years with Muslim invaders and 200 years of British Christians, and end up being 85% Hindus. Mind it, we are no less warrior when it comes to intellectual arena.
    American Christian already proved its interference towards Hindus by intervening in the California text Books about Hinduism negatively.
    It will be better for you to take care of your country USA rather than intervening in India. We won’t tolerate it, a bit..
    And the comment is coming from a Dalit Hindu.I am a Hindu, so called lower cast Hindu. I love my religion, culture, country..

  12. The author is confusing conversion and linking it to a solution to a problem that does not exist. The solution is that we all understand each other’s faith and unite in love and not try to convert people from any religion. Jesus’s message was that of Love and not of conversion.

  13. Dear Sir, Chaturvarnya system exists in Vidic Religion and Sanatana Dharma. Hinduism is different from both of them though some of the things are overlapping except varna system. Tough caste system prevails but provides equal opportunities. Freedom of worship. Nobody is low caste or high caste in Hinduism. The stigma of sanatanies is attached to Hinduism, which is very wrong. There is no Dalit or Sawarna in Hinduism. Tsbhal, a Hindu

  14. Mr. Jain ( Fake Name)
    I am very much sure that you are not a hindu, if you are hindu then people like you (so called “JAIN”) have always diveded from Hindu to became Jain ! May be you will bring some new religion after jain to (????). Now you want you root (HINDU) to be very weak and let eatng by others. No problem may be god listen to you,,,but remember that day will also come when you will be also converted by Muslim or Others. Shame on you and giving such ideas !!!
    We are UNITED !!!

  15. We are not Hindusm ,,, we are “SANATAN” !!!
    Beta agar RSS, Shiv sena , VHP ya Bagrang dal ko pata bhi chal gaya na ye teri haramkhori,,,to beta “Kaha se aaya aur kidhar gaya” kabhi pata nahi chalega ,,samjha…

  16. I am b.e.mechanical I filed 4 patents with more than 50 inventions . I am hindu , want to become Christian I need financial help .please help me
    thank you

  17. Currently, Hindu-Americans hold the highest education levels among all religious communities in the United States. In particular, they have the highest level of higher education. This can be read in detail here and
    If you try to convert everyone to Christianity, you will only end up with more number of idiots and ther e will be no one capable enough to run your country.

  18. Hinduism or properly known as Dharma in a nutshell believes in one God, who has taken Avatars – which is why you see Hindus worshiping those Avatars, who had taken human form for many different reasons which include: defeat evil or liberate people. The goal in life is to be a good devotee of god, do good Karmas and ultimately get Moksha (freedom from life & death birth cycle) – going to heaven as you call it. Dharma/Hindu scriptures offer insight on many different aspects which does not only include our lives but also different subjects (Math’s, Medicine, Engineering) things like how to preserve our planet, medicine (Ayurveda). If you get past the Avatars, and read the scriptures, you will be amazed, the offering is much much deeper than any other religion.
    Christianity, for all due respect, has many ideas borrowed from Buddhism, along with many things from paganism (Christmas, Easter etc), Bells in church are introduced to them by Askoka (Hindu/dharma king from India), they continue on this path – borrowing Yoga from Hinduism – calling it Christian Yoga, tomorrow they will continue to borrow & digest thoughts, things, festivals from other religions and make it there own. We as individuals have to understand all religions, in depth to really appreciate them. As the saying goes, don’t judge the book by cover. May God open your eyes, some day you visit Hindu Mandir/Temple, do your own research, find a the right person or Guru to guide you to right direction.

  19. People talk so much about Hindu religion and it’s worthless values. It really makes sick of these ignorant Hindus.
    India has been a Hindu nation for ages what’s indias condition today it’s a 3rd world country. hindus talk about there so called sacred and generational knowledge then why is india has largest number of aides cases ..
    Hindu religion is just shit and nothing else.
    In Hindu mythology a women was used as a gambling product (group of men pull her cloths off)and they talk about respecting hypocrisy. delhi is the rape capital of he world.all the ancient Indians had many wife’s ..There gods have lot of wife’s .dog gods.whats male and female ratio in india…..why is female population going down in india….girl babies are born ..abortion happens..dirty hindus..
    They give lots of respect to cows and buffalo but no respect for fellow humans.
    In india highest educated states are Christian states…
    There are thousands of hinds in USA waiting to be converted to christianity and have converted to our beautiful religion and leading peacefully life
    Equality of education in india were brought by missionaries …today india is educated because of Christianity.
    Show me at least one goddam yoga guru who is not be given vaccination to name a few.
    With out which they would not be able to do yoga today there hands and legs would not be straight.
    British took away gold and spices but they gave us some thing more then that …English. culture.way of living
    I really thank god for the English invasion. Other wise india would be full of dirty.naked shameless naga sanyasis romaine and consuming drugs and posing as meditation
    Not to forget these people worship the genitals and feel very sacred in the name of shiva linga .
    its really a fucking thing
    It’s a representation of sec and very proud of it..
    Mind it india is still a Hindu nation because of British if not for them it would be Muslim nation where people from Afghanistan invited india and Hindu kings could not do any thing apart from making more wives

    1. Christianity was established in India in 80AD, during that time Hinduism waxed and wained and gained again, Christianity after nearly 2,000 years attracted 2.5% of the population and most of that gained through intensive missionary work in the last 300 years. Much of the original Christian population was undermined not by any other religion, but the Colonial powers, particulatly those from Iberia who saw early forms of Christianity as an abomination and heresey. We can also look at ancient Christian countries like Ethiopia and wonder at your claims.
      Incidently how would India be Muslim today if it was not for Christian colonial powers? Muslims have been present in India since the 9th century and dominated large areas of the subconitnent for several hundred years, yet Britain only ruled over most of the country in the last 150 years. And surely you have contradicted yourself. Why would a Colonial power uphold Hindu religion if it really reviled it and saw it as a source of evil?
      Nonsense my friend.

  20. Faith is embeded in heart and mind. Flowers, fire, words are oral and physical presumtions. In Hinduism no one can be converted to high caste BRAHMIN, they are converted as low cast SHUDRAS AS per MANUSMRITI:
    The tongue of Shudra who spoke evil about Brahmin should be cut off (Apastamba Dharma Sutra II/10-26.
    Those who are with stinking conduct they will enter a stinking womb, either the womb of a dog or the womb of a swine or womb of Shudra (Chandogya Upanishad 5-10-7)
    Shudras must be prohibited from hearing, studying Vedas (Brahma Sutras
    More on google Why Dr.Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti.
    Due to Brahmins discrimination of Shudra Hindus converted from, 850Bc to Jainism, from 500Bc to Budhism. Budhism was born in India but stamped out of India by Brahmins. Due to this discrimination Hinduism was confined to India only. In Asia from SriLanka to Japan there are more Budhists than Hindus.

    1. The Manu smriti by its very name is a derivative text that does not hold
      any authority over Shruti. It also exists in different forms,
      suggesting it has been altered. It has no place in current Hindu code of
      law, and was never upheld by all Hindus. Like many ancient books of law
      they were only relevant in a time and space and not eternity.
      Yet even this Smriti does attest that people can rise and fall within the
      Varnasram system. So tell me why you ignored them? Doesnt serve your
      “Through education and training, a Shudra can become a
      Brahmin, and, devoid of these, a Brahmin can also become a Shudra, a
      Kshatriya or Vaishya, as he may be fit for.” (10.65 Manu smriti).
      Even the original root texts of Hinduism that are considered Sruti
      (revealed) and therefore authorative state that the system was fluid.
      “I am a bard, my father is a phyiscian, my mother’s job is to grind the corn.” (RV 9.112.3).
      Several people are mentioned in the puranas who lived within different varnas
      within a lifetime, even one of the Sapta Rishis Aitreya whose father was
      a Daasa (Sudra) but rose to become one of the most exhaulted members of
      society in his time and is author of the Aitreya Brahmana.
      Although varna became more rigid over time through corruptive forces it was and
      is still not entirely rigid. In the 18th century previously non-hindu
      people in the NE of India (the Meities of Manipur) were given the status
      of Brahminhood and others Kshatriya. Today one does not find many
      sudras amongst them.
      Some of your other assertions are also odd and defy logic. Popular Hinduism is the product of syntheses with both Jain and Buddhist ideas, prior to that Hindu root was Brahmanism. Sramana movements were not just Jain and Buddhist but also two of the
      six schools of Hinduism.
      Oh yes and Hinduism spread far and wide beyond India over 2,000 years ago right across SE Asia upto the Phillipinnes, some say Japan via Buddhism and the evident Hindu deva in the Shinto pantheon. Even today there are Hindus in Bali, Java (Tengger
      and Osing), there Indiginous Hindus in Vietnam, descendants of Champa
      known today as the Balamon (Brahmin) Cham. You seem wholly ignorant of
      the mighty SE Asian maritime Kingdoms which were largely Hindu and
      secondly Buddhist. You also seem to forget that Buddhism, a great and
      fine Dharma did seek to proselytise peacefully, whereas Hinduism as a
      rule did not, yet people still adopted it.
      I am pretty sure you wrote comments out of intent to misinform, something apparently Muslims shouldnt do, but all too often we see people like you.

  21. christianitys main motto is to convert all to christians this how all country got converted in the name of service .why cant they do service to people instead of finding chances tao convert into christianity ,these fake cheap ideas ruins peace in all nations.well im a backward community too .im from india i get equal respect everything here its all false statement.

  22. foolish christian there become future devils and want everyone to convert into christian bt giving money …..shame on u bullshits

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