April 4, 2023

From the creators of Hmonglish Musical comes a hilarious original play about a dysfunctional, lovable, honest family. A performance of “Family Portrait: Love and Saving Face” will be held Saturday, December 18, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Capri Theater, 2027 W Broadway Avenue, Minneapolis.

The play involves spoken word pieces, monologues, dance and singing, in portraying the daily struggles of a not so typical family and focuses on the sacrifices each member has made to save face and keep their family reputation.

Directed by Sun-Mee Chomet with spoken word collaborator Fres Thao, the performance is a Youth Leadership Group Production presented by the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent and Mu Performing Arts in collaboration with Capri Theater.

There is a pre-show and an Art Saves Us 2010 Final Exhibition.

Part two, “Arts, Life and Big Dreams,” involves spoken features Fres Thao who directs 20 St. Paul students that went through 15 weeks of intense after school spoken word workshops and formed three groups to touch on different subjects and produced over 50 poems collaboratively.

Director Kachyia Vang presents part three, “If AT FIRST!”, a play written by the ASU Creative Acting Students and instructor Kachyia Vang, comprising of skits dealing with different relationship styles they have experienced and encountered in their lives.

Tousue’s Graphic Design Class will have an art display from students that went through a rigorous set of exercises on graphic design with the goal to prove that ideas matter.

From defeating monsters to learning new tools in the classroom, the students achieved the ultimate goal of the course – finding solutions/fulfilling a need. As a design team they mapped and addressed their own identity as Hmong people in Minnesota. Individually, they will be presenting their logos for and as Hmong Artists in Minnesota.

Jee Meng’s Art of Expressing through Color was produced by youths ages 6 through 11. They were inspired to paint over 40 pieces dealing with different topics in their daily lives as well as still life and freestyle imagination.




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