March 28, 2023

Washington, D.C. (Nov. 4, 2010) – With the 2010 Election results revealing a greater shift to the political right and the rise of the Tea Party, the American Muslim community will need to substantially increase its political participation in Election 2012. MAS Freedom, through its VIP (Voting is Power) campaign, is working to build upon the momentum gained in previous elections to ensure that the American Muslim community and its issues are not ignored during the upcoming 2012 Election.

MAS Freedom is currently initiating a two year VIP campaign for Election 2012. The two year VIP project will focus on intensified voter registration, education, and mobilization.

Mahdi Bray, Executive Director of MAS Freedom, stated that “the 2010 Election went poorly for the Democrats and ushered in a Republican political faction (Tea Party) that has expressed some strong anti-Muslim sentiment. However, I think American Muslims should not view the 2010 Election with panic and fear. Instead, we should respond with greater civic and political activism. Now is the time for the American Muslim community to aggressively organize for Election 2012.”

“By building a sophisticated and modern political infrastructure with a national voter database, we can be effective players in Election 2012, especially in battleground states. Given the current political climate and the results of Election 2010, there’s no doubt that Election 2012 will be fluid, and it should provide great opportunities for politically organized communities”.

“2012 should also offer an opportunity to build effective coalitions with other minority groups seeking new policies in the areas of civil rights enforcement and immigration reform. I feel strongly that we should view this as an opportunity to politically organize and mobilize Muslims, and build strong political ties with other communities that share our views on social and economic justice.”

For more information contact MAS Freedom: 1-888-627-8471or [email protected]. MASF is a 501(c)(3) organization and does not endorse any political parties or political candidates.

MAS Freedom (MASF) is a civic and human rights advocacy of the Muslim American Society (MAS), the largest Muslim, grassroots, charitable, religious, social, cultural, civic and educational organization in America – with 55 chapters in 35 states.

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