April 6, 2023

Mai Moua, Ph.D.

Mai Moua, Ph.D., president of Leadership Paradigms, Inc., has published a new book, “Culturally Intelligent Leadership: Leading Through Intercultural Interactions”, which is scheduled for release on December 15, 2010 from Business Expert Press.

With her career focus on the areas of culture, cross cultural leadership, women’s leadership, engaging diverse communities, social change and leadership development, Dr. Moua’s states that the purpose of the new book is to outline the important ideas of cultural intelligence and the steps that must be considered and then practiced to become a culturally intelligent leader.

“This book is my experiences and knowledge gained from working with managers and leaders from private, nonprofit, and public sectors to understand the dynamics of culture on leading and managing,” states Moua.

Moua emphasizes cultural intelligence as both a strategy and a tool towards cultural competency and proficiency – and the central focus of the book. She said it outlines the importance of understanding culture and its impact on organizations, the strategic value of cultural intelligence, and the significance of integrating and practicing cultural intelligence in everyday business life.

When these aspects are properly integrated and applied in the leadership and management process, she said organizations are more innovative and adaptable to respond to cultural changes.

Dr. Moua is a Hmong-American and came to the United States in 1979 as a refugee from Thailand. A resident of both Fremont, Calif. and St. Paul, Minn., Moua holds a Doctorate in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University and has a B.A in Sociology from Brandeis University.

She is currently president of Leadership Paradigms, Inc., an organizational development consulting firm specializing in leadership training, workshops, facilitation, and development of leadership program and curriculum. It also provides organizational development services in the areas of strategic planning, community engagement processes, team building, research and evaluation, and organizational assessments.

Moua works with a variety of nonprofits, local and state governments, and private organizations. She has presented research and conducted workshops on leadership and organizational effectiveness, cultural competency and diversity, and strategic planning to internationally diverse audiences of leadership scholars and academics, executives and directors, practitioners, and students from the Middle East, Europe, and Canada.

When working with her clients, Moua said she integrates best-practice models that are culturally and organizationally appropriate in the design, development, and delivery of effective systems. She also takes a holistic approach that frames organizational and leadership issues within a systems framework.

This approach in organization development accounts for different ways of knowing and learning, and said she strives to provide her clients with different perspectives of organizational and systems models.

As an academic-practitioner, Mai has conducted several original research and evaluations to deepen communities’ understanding and knowledge around social change and social issues. With expertise primarily on communities of color, immigrant and refugee populations, and disadvantaged communities, her research has highlighted the tension that exists between and among cultural groups and systems.

Most of her research has been conducted with and for grassroots, community-based organizations and/or involved people who are silenced within a majority culture. All her research is based on sound research methodologies and she works to ensure that they have practical applications in her client’s work and a strong impact within their organizations and communities.

For more information visit online at www.leadershipparadigms.com. Find out more about the book at www.businessexpertpress.com or Amazon.com.

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