March 31, 2023

John Choi’s campaign for Ramsey County Attorney continued to build momentum today as he announced the endorsement of former Ramsey County Attorney Tom Foley.

“John Choi is the most qualified candidate in this race,” said Foley. “As a former Ramsey County Attorney, I know that John has the experience to do the job well from the very first day.”

Foley, who currently practices law for the law firm of PACE/Minnesota LLC, served as Ramsey County Attorney for 16 years, from 1979 to 1995. He joins a long list of law enforcement and public safety officials who are supporting Choi.

“John has deep support in the legal community because people are impressed with his record,” said Mike Galvin, a former President of the Ramsey County Bar Association and the Minnesota Bar Association. “John did a great job when he was Saint Paul’s City Attorney and he’ll do a great job as Ramsey County Attorney.”

Galvin is just one of 16 former Presidents of the Ramsey County Bar Association supporting John Choi.

In addition to Foley and Galvin, Choi also announced the support of several prosecutors in the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office as well as the Saint Paul City Attorney’s Office.

“I’m very humbled by the support I’m receiving from these prosecutors,” said Choi. “These people are in the trenches, doing the hard work that keeps our community safe. I think it speaks volumes that they are supporting me for County Attorney.”

The Choi campaign released a video featuring prosecutors explaining why they support John Choi.  The video is available at A full listing of John Choi’s supporters is available at

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