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ChuPheng Lee and spouse Mai Vang Xiong.

AAP staff writer

ST. PAUL (October 1, 2010) – There are currently three candidates running for President of Lao Family Community of Minnesota for the term 2011-2012. The public is invited to vote for president on December 11, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Lao Family, 320 University Avenue W., St. Paul, MN 55103. Current Lao Family Community Board Vice President ChuPheng Lee is running, as are Mr. Tou Xiong, Board Sectretary, and Song T. Xiong, Board Member in charge of Economic Development.

Chupheng Lee kicked off his community campaign with a banquet last Thursday at Lao Family’s rental hall. Lee said simply that his goals are to build trust and gain the support of a wider section of the community through an honest, open and transparent operation of Lao Family.

“It’s time for Lao Family Community to be inclusive and live up to its name,” said Lee.

His experience includes Renew Minnesota and leader of the Hmong Organizing Program at TakeAction Minnesota, chair of the 2009 Hmong Freedom Celebration, and current chair of the 2010-2011 Hmong New Year Celebration at River Centre.

To ensure the continued success of the annual Hmong New Year Celebration, and the Hmong Freedom Celebration, more commonly known as the Hmong Fourth of July Soccer Tournament, Lee said he plans to increase the prize money for sports events, talent shows and pageants.

His other goals include building a new Lao Family Center to meet the growing and changing community needs. He said a new center would have enough office space for its social service programs, a larger banquet hall for 600 persons, a gymnasium for sports and fitness programs, a cultural center and elders programs, a Hmong history museum and library, along with a heritage garden display for traditional customs and statues of great leaders.

Lee has a degree in Business Administration and in addition to managing or owning several small businesses and a farm, he has served as Vice President of Lao Family for several years. He is also president of the Hmong Diaspora Leadership Council, and vice president of both the Hmong Leadership Steering Committee and the United Hmong Stand For Justice.

He said the ambitious goal of uniting the Hmong community would require being inclusive to all clans. When everyone is participating and serving, he said the annual cultural events could then work on merging the two New Year celebrations that take place on Thanksgiving weekend and again during the December holidays.

The promotion of youth is also a goal Lee said would be helped with an internship program for Hmong graduates that could serve Lao Family or be referred out to serve the Hmong community through other agencies and organizations.

Lee said that his goals could not be met without strong leadership and the ability to organize Hmong professionals and business relationships with in the interest of the community working toward a Hmong Town.

On the international level, Lee travel to Laos and Thailand to work with the U.S. Embassy on obtaining visas for a Hmong soccer team, singers, and provincial officials to visit the United States. Most recently, he won reinstatement of Lao Family’s English Language program and the rental hall.

Lee and spouse Mai Vang Xiong, owner/manager of Infinite Hair Salon, have been married for 18 years and have seven children together.

The Lee campaign office is located at 425 University Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55103. Contact ChuPheng Lee at 651-210-8800 or [email protected].

15 thoughts on “Chupheng Lee running for Lao Family President

  1. this is a non-profit board of a community organization, not some elected public office representing Hmong people around the world! tom laventure should ask just exactly HOW such elections are actually conducted, and WHO gets to vote. at the end of the day, the president of lao family will go around saying he’s the new hmong leader, when in fact, only a few hundred due paying members are the only ones who “voted” for this “hmong leader.” what a farce. tell the story like it is. lao family is still a political propaganda front organization for general vang pao and his homeland politics. where’s that question, tom laventure? the hmong community isn’t stupid.

  2. Chupheng said, “It’s time for Lao Family Community to be inclusive and live up to its name. “Chupheng is a nice guy. But here’s the reality. Chupheng talks about inclusive of all clans? BS. All his current campaign staff from the delivery boy to the campaign manager are all Lee’s.
    “It’s time….Live up to its name???” If you listen or follow all his speeches…he only talks about Hmong, ….no ethnic Lao or people with roots to Laos have ever been mentioned.

  3. an interesting part is that these candidates are holding some type of officer’s positions in LFC currently, why has not LFC live up to its mission/vision now? and what exactly are they planning to do that will change that? It’s not like they are outside the leadership circle now, and they will have fresh ideas? anyone know the salary/compensation of the position?

  4. This position has no financial benefits. I detest speaking for candidates, but the reality is the candidate only seek entitlement, fame and/or name recognization.
    First, what are LFC’s missions/visions? According to its Mission Statement: The mission of Lao Family Community is to facilitate and promote the success of Hmong American in Minnesota, while also recognizing and supporting other immigrant and refugee populations.
    Before you challenge someone’s missions/visions, comprehend the situation first b4 opening your mouth. As far as this goes, LFC is doing okay living up to its simple mission statement….but all the current candidates’ visions and statement, thus far, either contradict the above mission statement or stray away from intent goal….because now…LFC assist not only Hmong, but immigrants from other Asian country and immigrants from Africa.
    My advice for you….know some concrete information b4 voicing your position. You’re making yourself look ridiculous. Ahhhh…typical Hmong.

  5. Anyhow, I am watching the change; right now the policy in Lao Family is changed–not just the Lao Family members can vote, but everyone who first registered can vote. Now, all forms are everywhere; if you want to vote, just looking for a register form and register now. Then come to Lao Family Office on December 11, 2010 at 8:00am-4:30Pm. I love voting than just nomination. MTT

  6. If all you have to do is register and you can vote…serious questions need to be raised about those registration forms (who handles them, how they verify who is eligible or not), plus, what are the requirements to vote? I suspect ballot box stuffing, and clan wars! These are the very same “hmong leaders” at Lao family and 18 clan council who sought to “consolidate” the Hmong dfl candidates for the senate seat on the eastside! What hypocrisy!

  7. Apparently, it’s not just Lao Family in Minnesota who is holding similar elections. Wow, a new concept. Welcome to America, land of democratic elections, 35 years later!
    It’s the entire Vang Pao political front that’s holding similar elections across the country. All over Wisconsin, it’s the 18 Clan Council holding similar elections. Only if they were as enthusiastic about their local, state, and national elections and candidates as the Americans that they are…will their voices and agenda get heard, and heard louder.
    Take a look!

  8. Cov neeg yuav los sib tw ua Lao Family of MN president mas tsis muaj hom phiaj li. Lawv hais tias lawv yuav kho lub koom haum kom zoo tab sis mas..lawv twb yog cov current board ne ua cas ho tsis pab kho. Tseem yuav yog lawv tau ua President es mam li kho. Nej Puas paub tias lawv tsis muaj nyiaj hli tab sis mas lawv yeej paub lawm hais tias lawv yuav tau dab tsi los ntawm lub July 4th event thiab New Year event. Yog li no lawv thiaj li xav nyob hauv lub koom haum ntev li ntev tau. Nej puas paub cov by law hais tias yog leej twg yuav tuaj sib tw los ua board members los yog tus President mas yuav tsum txawj read and write Hmong, Laotian and English. Tab sis ua li lawv cov no puas paub li hais los saum toj no. Ib cov board tseem twb tsis txawj sau ntawv hmoob thiab tsis tas li los tseem hnov tias lawv ib cov board tseem tau nyiaj SSI thiab. Nej sim xav seb lawv puas yuav los coj tau lub koom haum. Nej nrog xav tsoom hmoob.

  9. hmoobhuabtais aws, hais kiag lus Meskas xwb los mas, ua cas tseem txuag ua luaj thiab.
    Go ahead, write it in English, just in case these candidates and board members can’t read Hmong.

  10. Tus neeg zoo nraug li Chupheng Lee nrog rau nws poj niam, nej xav tias yuav phem phem no?
    Nws tsuas yog lub xeem Lee lawm xwb nawd kwv tij ! Tiam sis tus tib neeg tseem tsis tau txog qhov paub lim hiam thiab siab phem, tiam sis yog sawv daws tsis hwv ces ntev mus Chupheng Lee tsis lim hiam rau nej los Niam Chupheng yuav lim hiam rau nej nawb mog!!

  11. Chupeng Lee nrog rau nws tsev neeg tau txais ib qho koob hmoov loj loj los ntawv peb Txiv Nais Phoo Vang Pao.
    Chupheng Lee yog peb hais hmong 18 xeem thawj tug uas tau txais Txiv Nais Phoo txoj koob hmoov.
    Sawv daws nej cov uas xav tau los ua ib tug neeg muaj koob nto npe yav tom ntej no yuav tau ua zoo seb peb Txiv Nais Phoo ho yuav cia rau leeg twg?

  12. Neb cov uas mus sib tiv thaiv tias tsis pus qhib lub BOX, yog tias qhib neb yeej paub tias Chupheng yeej yog tus tau %100 nej thiaj li txwv tsis pub qhib yog tias tseem qhib thiab yuav pom teeb meem!!
    Ua yog yuav cia koj xeem yeej neb thiaj li zoo siab, ho yog Chupheng tau no nej ho tsis zoo siab ces kuj ham tsis yog li hais tias kuv tau kuv yuav hlub kuv xeem li cov uas tau ua yav tag los thiab xwb!!
    Ua thaum los qhib lub BOX neb cov uas tsis kam qhib vim neb twb paub tau tias Chupheng yog tus yeej lawm, es ua thaum qhib kiag lub BOX neb pom tias Chupheng yeej tshe neb cov uas tsis kam qhib lub BOX cia li tsaus muag kiag pob!!
    Txhob chim chim thiab txhob xav xav tau es lwm zaus mam ho VOTE seb koj puas tau los ua ib zaug mas lov !!

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