April 2, 2023

Adrian Zaw in "The Resistance Series"

Los Angeles, Calif. (Oct. 5, 2010) – Adrian Zaw is back for more and better than ever since his 2007 Emmy Award Winning Show for Broadband Drama. He co-stars as “Syrus Primoris” in the Starz Media LLC production of “The Resistance Series” for the SyFy Channel. The new action-drama series, which started airing October 4, 2010, is directed by Adrian Picardi and costars and Katrina Law.

Adrian Zaw as Syrus Primoris is the main bad guy, and an Asian American playing a non-Asian American role that’s ground breaking. He is originally from Burma.

The project was originally envisioned as a Web series and now is on the brink of a TV series or even a movie has become a monumental in achievement. It’s an example of how the entertainment industry is experimenting with new models of creation and testing of content.

“Resistance” came to Starz via “Spider-Man” director Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, Starz’s production partner on “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.” In 2008, Ghost House executive Aaron Lam noticed the online trailers for the Web series project on YouTube and thought he may have found a “Spartacus” director.

He looked up creator Adrian Picardi on Facebook – only to find out he was a 21-year-old fresh out of film school. But impressed by the vision of Picardi and his producing partner Eric Ro, Lam talked to Starz, which agreed to put up money – believed to be in the low-six-figure range, or a minimal percentage of the cost of a TV show episode – to put together an initial “Resistance” story.

The program will also be available on iTunes, xBox, and Playstation.

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