April 8, 2023

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year by hosting a Philanthropic Summit on the topic of building democratic philanthropy, October 20, 2010 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at the McKnight Foundation, 710 South 2nd Street, Suite 400, Minneapolis. Minnesota AAPIP Director, Jocelyn Ancheta and Board Chair, Penelope Haru Snipper, will present on past work and of the plans for the future.

MayKao Hang, CEO and President of the Wilder Foundation will deliver the Keynote address. Guests will also be join in on a live web cast program from San Francisco and New York AAPIP events, where the video premiere on building democratic philanthropy will be screened along with remarks from key philanthropic leaders.

Schedule to speak via simulcast are: Carol Larson of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Gara LaMarche, The Atlantic Philanthropies, AAPIP Board President Danielle Reyes, and Peggy Saika, President and Executive.

“I hope you can join us as we celebrate 20 years of work in community and philanthropy, and continue to explore solutions about solutions that build more democratic philanthropy,” states Bo Thao-Urabe, director, AAPIP BRIDGE (Building Responsive Infrastructure to Develop Global Equity).

To RSVP online, www.aapipminnesota.eventbrite.com. For more info, contact Dorothy Skobba at [email protected] or visit www.aapip.org. The Minnesota AAPIP office is located at 2801 – 21st Ave. S., Ste 132C, Minneapolis, MN  55407. Phone 612-729-1994 or visit online at www.aapip.org/chapters/minnesota.

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