September 25, 2023

Kong Koey

By Rothana Walbolt
Red Rose Productions

No matter what Nation, Country, or Region you’re from, there are some beats and music that “Just makes you want to Dance” or at least move your body a little bit.” Two very famous artists that might have this affect of “Just wanting to Dance” are Jane Saijai and Chan San. Saijai, a top Khmer Surin female artist has many fans all over the world. She has a very unique sounding voice and entertains her audiences very well. This makes her stand out among other artist. She has been in the music business since the year 2000.
A comment made on you tube by bpek houl about Saijai says this: “Out of this world and unparalleled voice! This voice can hypnotize listeners. Sai Jai is incredible. She is so talented. She is a female Sinn Sisamouth. Others say “She is talented and self assured, full of confidence ...”
Visit and you will find links to videos for these stars.
Red Rose Productions LLC has been promoting and sponsoring top Khmer Artists to perform in the United State since 2004.
What is Khmer Surin? Khmer Surin is a dialect of the Khmer language spoken by the Khmer natives in the Northern province between Cambodia and Thailand. Many of the popular Khmer songs originated from Khmer Surin singers.

Songsaeng and Saijia

Saijai, since the age of 6 sang folk songs beautifully. In High School she won first place in several singing competitions and has been singing ever since. With over 50 Albums and 100’s of performances annually, she keeps very busy.
Both (Saijai and Chan San) have performed around the world in such places as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland, Poland, Cambodia and Thailand.
Saijai looks forward to have a concert tour in the USA very soon and wants to help keep the Asian Culture and Arts alive in the USA.
Chan San

Born in Battambang Cambodia, Chan San is a top Khmer Gan Treum male singer. He won and placed in several classical music contests and has performed for many Cambodian production companies including such as Phnom Penh, SM, Reay Meas, Golden Lion, and VIP.

Other very popular and well known artist from Cambodia for this music type are Songsaeng and Kong Koey.