April 2, 2023

St. Paul, Minn. (August 31, 2010) – In his Executive Order issued today, Governor Pawlenty turned in his veto pen for a heavy-duty paint sprayer. It is by now old news that Governor Pawlenty’s agenda is geared towards his planned run for U.S. President in 2012. The developing story is the toll that Governor Pawlenty’s run for office will take on Minnesotans. With one broad stroke, today’s executive order derisively rejects a multitude of valuable opportunities to expand and improve health care for Minnesotans.

Minnesota is already losing an estimated $1 Million dollars per day due to Pawlenty’s refusal to accept Federal Medicaid Expansion dollars, and in July Pawlenty refused $1 million dollars for Health Insurance Rate Review.

Today’s Executive Order directs state agencies to refuse millions more in funding for quality programs that would help Minnesotans. Opportunities for federal grants include:

• $30 million in grants to establish, expand, or support offices of health insurance consumer assistance

• $1.5 billion to establish evidence-based maternal, infant, and early childhood home visitation programs

• $100 million to promote universal access to trauma care services

• Grants to promote evidence-based community preventive health activities to reduce chronic disease and address health disparities

• Grants to improve immunization coverage

• Up to $150,000 per state  for workforce development

• Grants to promote positive health behaviors and outcomes in medically underserved communities

• Grants to support work against elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation

Governor Pawlenty has not only cost the state of Minnesota millions of dollars, he has significantly delayed needed relief for skyrocketing health care costs and improved access to quality health care.

Dan McGrath

Executive Director

TakeAction Minnesota

1821 University Avenue W, S-137

Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104


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