March 21, 2023

St. Paul, Minn. (September 7, 2010) – ECHO (Emergency and Community Health Outreach) continues filling communication voids with the launch of its “Breast Cancer: Detection, Prevention, and Treatment” program on Twin Cities Public Television reaching Spanish, Hmong, Somali and English audiences in October.

The statewide broadcast promises information on detection, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer for individuals and families. Additionally ECHO will produce radio PSAs, recorded phone line, web streaming from, and circulate DVD copies of the programs to clinics, classrooms and libraries.

Portions of the broadcast will also be used in curriculum being developed for use by English Language Learning teachers who can help students learn a new language as well as learn about breast cancer prevention basics.

A Hmong breast cancer survivor, Xiong My Ly, will be featured on the Hmong broadcast designed to provide culturally specific information unique to each limited English proficiency community. She will tell viewers about her experience, but also pass along the message: “Don’t be alarmed. Relax your thoughts and have hope.”

Funded by a grant from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Minnesota, ECHO’s breast cancer awareness programs will premier Sunday evenings at 7:00 p.m. on Twin Cities Public Televisions Minnesota Channel featuring different cultures on TV each week.

“Research shows that immigrant women are one of the least likely groups to receive mammograms,” said Lillian McDonald, executive director, ECHO. “We’re honored to work with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help these populations learn about breast cancer prevention and treatment.”

The first half hour of the television show is dedicated to basics of detection, prevention and treatment of breast cancer, the second half hour takes a look at the different barriers which may make it more difficult for cultures and providers to seek effective health care solutions. Radio PSAs will focus messages on the importance of getting regular mammograms and promotion and made available to community-based radio stations.

The ELL curriculum is designed to specifically develop health literacy related to breast cancer. The lessons include listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities all structured around segments of the television show, “Breast Cancer: Detection, Prevention, and Treatment.” All materials will be available on ECHO’s website.

The “Breast Cancer: Detection, Prevention, and Treatment” programs on tptMN will air at 7:00 p.m. and are available anytime in multiple languages with English captions for the deaf and hard of hearing a t

The schedule starts on Oct. 3 in Spanish with host Veronica Jaralambides, and guests: Dr. Jose Castellanos, CLUES, and breast cancer survivor Brenda Vasquez.

The Hmong language episode will air on Oct. 10 with host Mao Thao and guest, Xiong My Ly, a breast cancer survivor.

The program continues in Somali on Oct. 17, with host Zuhur Ahmed and guest Dr. Fozia Abrar of Health Partners.

The program concludes in English on Oct. 24, with host Rondah Kinchlow, and guests Connie Stadelman, breast cancer survivor, Dr. Harold Londer, Director of the Humphrey Cancer Center, and Dr. Douglas Lee, Director of the University of Minnesota Cancer Center.

Formed in 2004, the mission of ECHO is to leverage partnerships to deliver vital health, safety, emergency and civic engagement information to help the ever-changing, diverse population integrate and become successful in our communities.

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