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Los Angeles, Calif. – Women In Film International Committee’s 4th Annual Short Film Night, this year’s films support the creative talents of Korean and Korean American filmmakers on October 2, 2010 from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, 5505 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. Non-members: $20 and $25 at the door. Registration Website:

Through a diverse program of short films, this year’s series will celebrate and support the creative talents of Korean filmmakers. Every filmmaker has a unique perspective on their culture and their world. The films selected both narrative and documentary, will provide views into the psyche of these communities and deepen our understanding of Korean life, land, and cultures.
The WIFI Shorts Program is a celebration of filmmakers from all corners of the world, produced by the members of the Women In Film International Committee (WIFI).  This year, for the 4th Annual Film Shorts Program, WIFI has partnered with the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles (KCCLA), the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) and NYX Cosmetics to showcase and celebrate the dynamic works of emerging and established Korean and Korean American filmmakers.
Located in the Miracle Mile District, the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles provides insights into the rich cultural heritage of Korea. On Saturday, October 2, 2010, come join us and partake in film, art, music, cuisine, and culture!
The Mission to Watch TV, Jeon Byeong DEOCK, 2010 run-time 15:02 – Comedy
A mother locks a television set in a storage closet to punish her youngest son who broke an appointment.  His older brother finds a way to watch the TV secretly without the mother’s knowledge.
Communicate, Erick OH, 2009 run-time 1:05 – Animation
By covering the whole history of communication and media, ‘Communicate’ shows how humankind has been interacting with one another to reach the true answer of life, which is illustrated as a red ball.
Kai’s Place, Albert SHIN, 2006 17:00 Los Angeles Premier – Drama
Kai, an American teaching English in Korea finds himself feeling lost and isolated in his surroundings. Determined to break free from his uneasiness, Kai reaches out to a girl in his class, which leads to the beginning of something special.
Birth, Ki-Wan PARK, 2010 run-time 9:20 US Premier – Animation
A man loses his father.  A woman comes to meet him.  A frog lays a new spawn and a fly meets its newborn maggots.  Four situations that have nothing to do with each other randomly come together in the same place, but no one (or thing) involved knows that they influence each other.
Speed Grieving, Jessica DANIELS, 2009 run-time 12:37 Los Angeles Premier – Drama
A driven corporate climber struggles to balance her hectic work schedule with her father’s terminal illness, only to learn that not everything in life can be done efficiently.  The story is about loss faced with vitally and having the courage to be present to the moment of truth.
Heart, Erick OH, 2010 run-time 8:30 – Animation
“Heart” questions our selves in realizing our essence and the meaning of life through abstract metaphors and symbols illustrated as hearts.
Thembi’s Diary, Jisoo KIM 2010 run-time 6:15 – Documentary/Animation
This animated interpretation of a True Audio Documentary (from NPR’s Radio Dairies) shows Thembi, a 17-year-old South African girl with Aids.  Although her life is hard, the story portrays her relationships with her illness and her community with stark and sweet honesty.
My Room, Han Sung KIM, 2009 run-time 13:54 – Drama/Family & Children
All she wants is her own room!  Sophie a 7-year-old, first generation Korean American, lives with her two obnoxious brothers and a preoccupied single mom in a small studio apartment, Los Angeles.  She has a red goldfish and that’s pretty much her only outlet.  Building a little room in the fishbowl she projects herself onto her little friend and lovingly greets her every morning.  But her impeding family life is suffocating her.  One day, the brothers draw on her fishbowl. She needs a way out!  Plan 1, Border, if she can’t have her own room that she will create one herself, with crayon in hand she starts drawing a border, inside of which her fantasy room comes to life, but she gets ripped back to reality when her mom breaks the border.  Plan 2, Barrier, she uses a window curtain to cover her desk and hides underneath, but that too ends in failure.  Plan 3, Isolation, fishbowl in hand she sneaks into the closet at night entering the most elaborate fantasy yet!
Visual Artists
Youngmi Kim was born in a small country in South Korea.  She is a graduate of Hong Ik University in Korea, and Stuttgart Kunst Academie, in Europe where she studied ceramics.  Through her art she expresses the joy, sadness, rage, and love of man.  Youngmi teaches ceramics and pottery-making to adults and children in her Los Angeles studio, in Koreatown.
Yoonjae Kwon has an infinite interest in ceramics.  He was born in Seoul and studied Korean literature and South Korea’s culture and tradition of ceramics at Kawang Rung University.  He has worked as a ceramic artist in Korea and the United States since 1986.
Lorraine Nam, a Korean-American, cuts, slashes, and dissects paper to create intricate cut paper images. She was born in Philadelphia as the oldest of three. With a passion and a drive for the arts, Lorraine attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for illustration.  She currently resides in Brooklyn as a freelance illustrator. Her Korean name is Nam Seul Gee.
John Park is an artist and teacher living in Los Angeles CA.  He received his training at the Rhode Island School of Design where he studied classical drawing, painting, sculpture and anatomy.  His current series of work is an attempt at combining these classical influences with the more urban aesthetics of the New Contemporary art movement.  The paintings are executed in a live public setting throughout various galleries, clubs and events around southern California.  He teaches drawing and painting at Concord High School in Santa Monica, he has three cats and one Tree.
Master Fruit & Vegetable Carver/Decoration Specialist Jennifer Park/Myung Soon Park will carve fruits and vegetables to make eye catching table arrangements that can be used for parties, weddings, birthdays and any occasion.
Performing Artists
Ko’s Korean Traditional Dance Institute was founded by Ko Sue Hee, director, teacher, and performer.  Sue Hee Ko has been dancing for more than 35 years and has been running her dance studio for over two decades.  She has studied and learned from famous dancers in Korea also known as National Treasures.  Our purpose here at Ko’s Korean Dance Institute is to share the Korean culture visually–through dance and the beautifully layered costumes and instruments.  The dance studio has evolved and improved over the years and now not only teaching Korean Traditional dance, but also dances such as hip hop, tap dance, ballet, line dancing, and sports aerobics.  Recently, Ko’s Korean Dance group went on tour with famous pop star, Shakira, playing the traditional Korean Three-Headed Drum Dance for the song “Did It Again”.  We have performed for shows such as Dancing With The Stars, Saturday Night Live, and traveled to Europe for XFactor,Bambi Awards, and MTV Music Awards.
The Freedom Sounds Korean Poongmul Drumming Collective  has been around since 2006 and is made up of mostly women and progressive Korean/Korean-American activists.   They practice Korean poongmul drumming from Pilbong village (North Cheolla Province area) tradition.
Yerak was established in 2009 by young musicians with a unique concept of Korean traditional inspired cross-over World music.  They have had very successful concerts at LACMA, UCLA Fowler Museum, Ford Amphitheater and Levitt Pavilion and KCCLA.  For this performance Yerak is broadening their horizons by adding Japanese instruments into their arrangements.
About Women In Film
Women in Film (WIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women achieve their highest potential within the global entertainment, communications, and media industries and to preserving the legacy of women within those industries. Founded in 1973, Women In Film and its Women In Film Foundation provide for its members an extensive network of contacts, educational programs, scholarships, film finishing funds and grants, employment opportunities, mentorships and numerous practical services in support of this mission.
About the Women In Film, International Committee
The Women In Film International (WIFI) Committee fosters interactive cultural bonds with other countries by discovering, promoting and supporting the efforts of entertainment professionals (especially women), throughout the world. Our programs include panels on co-production, screenings and participation ininternational film festivals. Networking does not stop at our borders so WIFI also serves as a resource for foreign consulates, film boards, visiting filmmakers and dignitaries.
About The Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles
Located in the Miracle Mile District, the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles provides insights into the rich cultural heritage of Korea. Experience the rich traditions and history spanning more than 5,000 years of Korea as you stroll through the museum’s exhibition hall filled with historic and contemporary artifacts.
This Event is produced by the Women In Film International Committee.
Executive Producers:  Tobie Loomis and Tessa Bell
Producer:  Aba Ngissah
Associate Producers:  Wanjiru Mary Njendu, Sheila Hardy, Emily Butali, Clora Ferguson, Lori Moilov, Andrea Chung.
Member of Women in Film, Los Angeles.

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