March 28, 2023

This issue of ‘Mosque near ground zero’ has sharply divided America and is being hotly debated in media. The protagonist of ‘Mosque near ground zero’ say that it is the constitutional right of ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘right to property‘, hence any body who opposes mosque near ground zero is (as per these protagonist) a bigot and anti-constitution.

These protagonist do not understand that there is a difference between martial matters and civilian matters.

Freedom of religion and right to property are civil rights and they are suspended in two cases. (1)- In case of emergency and (2)- Against martial rights as during any war.

9/11 was an act of war which was waged against USA by al-Qaeda who masterminded and conducted it from a foreign soil of Afghanistan with the condone (if not complicity) of the then government of Afghanistan.

Therefore any matter related to 9/11 is a martial matter hence civil matters including freedom of religion and right to property do not come into the picture.

Therefore building mosque near ground zero (the site of 9/11 terrorist attack in New York) is a violation of the martial rights of Americans.

This arguments of protagonists is absurd that USA is there in Afghanistan for helping Muslims and USA wants to bridge the gap with Muslims and wants do develop good relation with Muslims and wants to come out of Afghanistan quickly therefore mosque near ground zero. This is all the more absurd and unpatriotic especially when armed forces of USA are still in Afghanistan.

USA certainly is in Afghanistan for helping the people of Afghanistan but said Argument of protagonist sounds more as a blackmail than assimilation.

USA need not seek certificates from Muslims that USA is a friend of Muslims. The way Muslims are treated in USA in a dignified way speaks volumes about the fairness of Americans with which they deal with Muslims as per the spirit of justice and fair play.

Moreover any body who thinks that USA is going to come out of Afghanistan shortly or even within 5 years or more then he is living in his make believe world and does not know even abcd of the political and strategic complications of South Asia (the SAARC region).

American Muslims should also understand that USA is a secular nation and not a theocratic nation, therefore in USA in the hierarchy of values first comes patriotism and then religion.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

Mankato MN – 56001 U.S.A.

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