March 31, 2023

LOS ANGELES – Glenn Llopis, Founder of the Center for Hispanic Leadership and the Center for Innovation and Humanity, has recently written a book and launched a blog to talk about his mission to create a global workplace that gives people new purpose, places a premium on innovation, along with ethical leadership on driving performance development.

Llopis has an immigrant perspective on business leadership that he says will help individuals and corporations to successfully navigate today’s uncertain economy, job market challenges and the future of American enterprise.

Llopis is the author of Earning Serendipity: Four Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work (2009, Greenleaf Book Club Press). He has also launched a blog,

The son of Cuban immigrants who were victims of Castro’s revolution, Llopis said his immigrant perspective on business leadership is a fresh message for the new economy that requires us all to renew the ways we must think, act and innovate.

“For most organizations to create new sustainable opportunities in today’s brave new workplace, requires a big cultural and mindset shift,” says Mr. Llopis. “I am passionate about working with individuals and organizations who feel trapped and stuck, to help people to work together, from all levels of the organization, because the fundamental problems are the same regardless of hierarchy or rank.”

Most people today are in search of renewal and reinvention and the immigrant perspective helps define the roadmap to successfully discover new types of opportunities previously unseen. Llopis said his blog focuses on his Cuban roots, the role of immigrant values in making the workplace more humane, and the innovation that integrates them together.

“People seek an identity and relevancy more than ever before in the workplace,” says Llopis. “Crisis management, ethics, trust, doing more with less, transparency, work, life balance, hope and happiness are obstacles that employees are facing without preparation. Causing disruption about the future.”

He quotes a recent survey that reports up to 45 percent of the current workforce claim to dislike their jobs.

“This impacts growth, sustainability and profitability at a time when our economy needs it most. People are losing their confidence and sense of purpose and thus workplace productivity is declining rapidly,” said Llopis.

The competitive landscape is fierce and the increasingly new talent requirements are forcing job seekers to learn new skills, new languages and demand they embrace an entrepreneurial mindset to survive and thrive. People are also finding it more difficult to find jobs as corporations continue to reduce their labor pool – and the availability of quality talent continues to rise.

“We must accept that the old ways of doing things are gone forever. Accountability, responsibility, acculturation and assimilation to multicultural leadership represents the new normal in the workplace,” he added.

The Center for Hispanic Leadership ( is a Southern California-based organization that provides talent development programs to corporations for the advancement of their Hispanic professionals.

The Center for Innovation and Humanity ( is a think-tank designed to partner with Corporations and Universities throughout the world.

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