March 23, 2023
From left, Thuy Duong Nguyen-Tran, Huy H Nguyen, Caroline Lochungvu, Sachin Shah (Contributed photos)

MINNEAPOLIS (August 6, 2010) – The University of Minnesota Medical School welcomed its Class of 2014 with a White Coat Ceremony last week. Among the several Asian students entering Medical School there are five Vietnamese in the Class of 2014, including Thuy Nguyen-Tran, Huy H. Nguyen, Caroline Lochungvu, Sachin Shah, and Katherine Nguyen Trong Canh.

Thuy Duong Nguyen-Tran of Richfield, is the eldest daughter of Thinh Nguyen and Phuoc Thi-Minh Tran. She graduated from the U of M with double majors in biochemistry and physiology and a minor in leadership. She was also a member of the Minnesota’s Future Doctors program.

Last year she received an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program grant to study the effects DNA-Protein cross-linking on cells and its role in causing cell death.

Katherine Nguyen Trong Canh, the daughter of the late Vu Quang, who was Editor and Publisher of the Ngay Nay Minnesota newspaper.

As first year medical students, the students will begin studying this fall on human structure and function, anatomy, human histology, medical genetics, the physician and society, and the science of medical practice.

Approximately 230 students graduate from the U of MN Medical School each year. It consistently ranks among the top in the nation in many areas and has the largest family practice residency in the United States.

The students will also learn and work at partnering clinical sites throughout the state. As they go on into advanced learning they will be exposed to distinguished faculty, physicians and scientists working on world-class research.

Some of them will go on to specialize in U of MN’s standout initiatives in stem cell biology, imaging, brain science, infectious disease, cancer, transplantation, cardiovascular health, pediatrics and translational sciences.

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