March 31, 2023

Southeast Asian Queer Conference will be held at the University of Minnesota from July 9-11, 2010. An agenda will be posted up on with times and locations as soon as it completed.

Participants will strategize, learn, and grow with Queer Southeast Asians and allies as we mobilize around issues effecting our community.

The Southeast Asian Queer Conference has a mission to build a national network of LGBTQ Southeast Asians that are united to collect and share data and information, build community, identity and national advocacy issues.

Participating groups include: Shades of Yellow (Twin Cities), Southeast Asian Queers United for Empowerment and Leadership (Providence, RI), Khmer in Action (Seattle), Freedom, Inc. (Madison, WI), National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (Washington, DC).

For more information contact Kevin Xiong, executive director, Shades of Yellow, 379 University Ave. W #213, St. Paul, MN  55103. Call 651-309-0037 or email [email protected]. Or contact Ming Lee, [email protected] or call 651-373-8565.

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