March 31, 2023

St. Paul, Minn. (June 14, 2010) – Hmong American Partnership and Hmong National Development, Inc. announced in June that the two have agencies formalized an agreement to strengthen advocacy and leadership programs in the Hmong community. The Boards of Directors from both organizations approved a five-year agreement for HND to operate as a subsidiary program of HAP. The two organizations say the effor will enhance their respective efforts to provide a voice for Hmong community concerns in Minnesota and across the country.

Staff of both organizations said that this new partnership would mean increased national visibility for HAP and a stronger community base and infrastructure for HND.

“HAP is very pleased with this partnership,” says Bao Vang, President and CEO of HAP. “This is a great alignment for the benefit of all Hmong Americans.”

HND will continue its work, including hosting the annual Hmong National Conference and co-branding the event with HAP as the largest Hmong social service agency in the country, with its advocacy work as a strategic priority.

With the partnership boosting HAP’s national growth, staff said it would now provide a stronger base for services to the Hmong community, leveraging its strong management skills and community focus with HND’s national forum and creative programs.

While this is a major strategic move for these agencies, most community members won’t notice an immediate difference in programming because both HAP and HND will continue their programs and services without interruption.

“This is an opportunity to take civic engagement to the next level in the Hmong community,” says Chris Lo, Chair of the HND Board of Directors. “With so many issues and fewer dollars, the climate is ripe for HAP and HND to work together rather than compete,”

Hmong American Partnership is a social service and community development organization with a mission to empower the community to embrace the strengths of culture while achieving its potential. It was established in 1990 to address the needs of Minnesota’s growing Hmong population.

Since its inception, HAP has expanded to serve community members from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic groups. HAP provides employment services, education and training, housing and economic development services, elderly services, and youth and family services to more than 3,000 community members annually.

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